Woman are not the same throughout the month, you probably already figured that one out ūüėČ

We go through 4 menstrual cycle phases each month. In each phase, our brain, hormones, and body are completely different.

This Means:

  • We have different levels of energy and athletic ability
  • We have different social needs
  • We have different creative and critical thinking abilities
  • We have different nutritional needs

So WHY do we constantly do the same things each week out of the month?

If we begin supporting our body with what it needs for each unique phase and week, we can become incredibly productive, happy, and PMS free. This is great for both MEN and woman to know. The more we can work with our natural cycle the smoother life will flow.

Instead of letting this work against us, we can begin allowing it to work for us by doing certain activities at certain times of the month to maximize our brain chemistry and potential.

Menstrual Cycle Phases

Follicular Phase: Week Two

  • Energy: Energy levels begin to increase and you are feeling more energized than the week before(menstrual cycle)
  • Hormone: Low levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Estrogen begins increasing.
  • Mood: Most creative and outgoing.
  • Thinking ability: Now is a good time to start new projects, plan goals for the month, and brainstorm for the future.
  • Exercise: This is a good week to do more cardio and challenging workout- take advantage of higher energy levels.
  • Nutritional Needs: This week is a great time to eat sprouts and fermented foods! These foods contain 3-endole-carbinol, which helps the body metabolize and break down estrogen- which is the main cause of PMS.
  • Cervical Fluid: None to sticky/creamy.
  • Good Supplements: Fermented Greens Powders and Probiotics¬†

Ovulatory Phase: Week Three

  • Energy: Your energy levels are at their highest of the whole month during ovulation week.
  • Hormones: You get a spike in estrogen and FSH(follicular-stimulating hormone) ¬†Your testosterone also rises.
  • Mood: This is a good time to connect with community and have important or hard conversations with people. (MEN- best time to talk to your wives;) )
  • Thinking ability: Your hormone levels at this time strength your communication skills. Now is a good time to work on projects with people are share your plans.
  • Exercise: This is the best time to do higher impact trainings such as: weight lifting and HIIT.
  • Nutritional Needs: This week is the best time to eat plenty of raw foods. Estrogen dominance is the main cause of PMS symptoms- you want to eat things that help break down estrogen in your body. The fiber and antioxidants in raw veggies break down and move estrogen out of the body. Raw juices and fresh veggies also ensure that the liver gets glutathione, which is required to break down estrogen in the liver.
  • Cervical Fluid: Vaginal discharge increases and is clear, wet, slippery, or stretchy on your day of peak fertility.
  • Good Supplements:¬†Greens Powders, Collagen, and Fish Oil¬†

Luteal Phase: Week Four

  • Energy: Energy is beginning to lessen slightly- especially days before your cycle.
  • Hormones: Your body increases in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in first half then a decrease in estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone right before the menstrual phase.
  • Mood: Now is a good time to take care of personal tasks, errands, and household duties.
  • Thinking Ability: This week is the time to take care of administrative work like bills, and finish projects you are working on.
  • Exercise: The 3 days before you cycle, begin doing more restorative exercise like yoga, walking, pilates etc.
  • Nutritional Needs: This is the week to eat feeds that are rich in B vitamins, magnesium, and fiber. Like leafy green veggies, liver, and quinoa.
  • Cervical Fluid: Creamy/Sticky
  • Good Supplements to Take: Mineral Supplement, Fish Oil, Probiotic

Menstrual Phase: Week One

  • Energy: Energy is at his lowest.
  • Hormones:Hormones are at their lowest: progesterone, and testosterone take a dip.
  • Mood: Your menstruation week is the BEST time for self-reflection and evaluation because this week your brain has more connections to both the right and left side, allowing you to see the big picture of things and evaluate how the month went and your future. ¬†Many women feel relieved when they learn that feelings such as restlessness and dissatisfaction during the menstrual phase are completely normal.
  • Thinking ability: Now is an amazing time to see what has been working, what has not, and what you want to change going into the next month. Your intuition and ability to hear God is also strengthened at this time. Evaluate life and your goals in this phase. This is the ONLY time in the month when the left and right hemispheres of your brain have a better connection with each other leading to deeper intuition, insight, and revelation!
  • Exercise: Restorative exercises like walking, yoga, and pilates are best at this time.
  • Nutritional Needs: Now is a good time to eat foods that stabilize mood and cravings as well has eat foods that are rich in minerals to restore what you are losing. Healthy Fats, cooked veggies, and Root Veggies are great at stabilizing mood and cravings.
  • Cervical Fluid: Blood
  • Good Supplements: Collagen, Fish oil, Minerals, women’s balancing tea, magnesium.

Main Overview

Here is the quick version explaining a woman’s menstrual cycle phases.

First Half:

  • Mood: More outgoing, social, and great communication skills.
  • Energy: Have higher energy, can handle more and harder workouts including cardio and weight training.
  • Food: More raw and lightly cooked foods, sprouts, and fermented foods to prevent PMS and estrogen dominance.
  • Sex: Higher sex drive.
  • Thinking: More creative and goal setting.

Second Half:

  • Mood: More reserved, task-oriented, staying at home.
  • Energy: Lower energy levels, more restorative exercise, like yoga pilates.
  • Food: More healthy fats and cooked comforting foods – roasted veggies, soups.
  • Thinking: More evaluation and administrative tasks.

Action Steps

  • menstrual cycle phasesPlan your goals and creative projects for the month the week after your period.
  • Exercise harder, have more conversations, and meetings the two weeks after you period. (Perfect time to have hard conversations with hubby!)
  • Spend some time alone the week of your cycle to evaluate your month, talk with God, find out what is working and what needs to change.
  • Supplements: Fish oil, greens powders, probiotic, collagen,¬†ocean minerals¬†

Do you change what you do with your menstrual cycle phases? Let me know below!

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