The Secret to Self-Healing

The Secret to Self-Healing

What would you say is the number one most important aspect that keeps you healthy and is the secret to self-healing?




While those are all great, if you are not doing this one thing, none of that even matters.

Our physical body, and every cell in our body can only be in 1 of 2 states at any given time.

We are either responding to day to day life out of fear(worry, anger, lack, criticism) or faith (love, hope, joy, peace, optimism)

Your Two Body States

Option One: Sympathetic state FEAR

  • Also known as ‘fight or flight’
  • We go into this state when we feel fear, shame, frustration, anger, envy, worry, anxiety etc.
  • Our cells + hormones are in survival mode, they are not growing, being produced, repairing, or protecting your body from outside invaders.
  • Shuts off the part of your brain that allows you to think clearly, to be compassionate, to see the whole picture
  • Shuts down impulse control.
  • Cortosil steal- your body makes stress hormones instead of sex and healing hormones.
  • Hormonal Systems go into choas
  • Turn OFF all self-healing systems in the body.

Option Two: Parasympathetic state FAITH

  • Also know as rest, repair, and growth zone
  • Cells are growing, repairing, protecting
  • The part of the brain that allows us to have compassion, to be able to see the big picture of things, to have motivation, inspiration, creativity, and to see solutions is turned on
  • You are aware, in control of impulses and can think and speak clearly.
  • All hormonal systems are running as designed.
  • Turns ON self healing systems in the body.

The problem is, we are in option one WAY too much from the little triggers in our day to day life. Traffic, financial worry, stress at work, stress in relationships…

90% health and hormonal problems are caused because people are in that zone way too often, which physically does not allow each body system to function as it is supposed to.

Unforgivness, envy, anger, anxiety, worry- all put us into a state that literally destroys the body. While love, joy, and gratitude heal the body.

We want to be in option two as often as possible.


We want to learn how to stay in option two– even when triggered by anger, shame, worry, and all of the other daily stressors.

You could be eating the healthiest food in the world, sleeping well and exercising daily, but if you are constantly  in the fear state (fight or flight, sympathetic) your body physically cannot be healthy because your immune and hormonal systems get shut down.

The problem is, I see so many people trying to be healthy by eating perfect and exercising constatly- however they have a fear of food and of not working out. If you have fearful thoughts about eating something that is not ‘healthy’, eating out, or not being in perfect control- your body cannot heal because you are in a state of stress.

The Secret to Self-Healing

We all get triggered, all of the time- but now, we need to become AWARE of it! It is only when we are aware that we are triggered that we have the power to change our automatic reaction- and switch our body states on demand.

We know our health is determined based on our ability to stay in a positive chemical state- no matter what is going on around us.

and it is not OUR CIRCUMSTANCES that effect our bodies but rather OUR THOUGHTS about what we are experiencing is what determines what state we are in.

That is incredible! We could be facing the most stressful situation in the world, but if our THOUGHTS remain focused on surrender, learning, and gratitude- the body remains in a healing state!

You can shift your state, anytime you want.

The two things that shift you body states are:

  1. Breathing
  2. Generating positive emotions

Both of these we can do anytime, anywhere. The more we do, the healthier we will be!

Basically, doing whatever brings you joy and peace will initiate self-healing because it puts you into a parasypathetic state. Going for a walk, painting, dancing, cooking- whatever it is for you, make sure you are doing them to heal.


  1. Most people are in a sympathetic state each day, for most of the day. In this state, your immune system and hormonal system is not working -> leads to health issues.
  2. When you get triggered or are stressed, you need to take time EVERYDAY to breathe and generate positive emotions to switch in to the parasympathetic state where your body’s systems are working perfectly to keep you healthy.

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