Supernatural Childbirth of Kadence Tipharah

Supernatural Childbirth of Kadence Tipharah

Have you ever heard of a supernatural childbirth? One that is a comfortable, even painless experience?

This question entered my mind the moment I found out I was pregnant with our first child. I had heard about women having babies comfortably- and wondered how exactly to experience that myself.

Because the last two years of my life have been filled with education and training in neurobiology/neuroscience and quantum healing, I knew the incredible power of the mind over the body.

I knew that my thoughts and perceptions determine how I experience reality.

I knew that whatever I truly believe is possible…

Changing Beliefs About Childbirth

We are programmed from the beginning to believe that childbirth has to be an agonizing experience. From movies to stories we hear over and over.

All that has done is this:

I believe childbirth is painful —–> childbirth is painful because that is what I expect.

My question was, what if I didn’t believe that? If my beliefs determine how I experience reality, and I reprogram my mind to think childbirth is awesome- could it be?

My experiment: If I truly believed childbirth could be pleasant- not just consciously, but subconsciously then my experience would change. Simply choosing to ‘think’ birth is comfortable is not enough- I had to get it into my subconscious mind- which takes repetition, emotion, visualization, and action.

And so I began reprograming my thoughts and beliefs around birth.

The two resources I found helpful regarding childbirth are:

Supernatural Childbirth: A book that is an oldie, but goodie. The author explains how pain in childbirth is under the curse and Jesus came and set us free. She dives into how it is God’s intention for pregnancy and childbirth to be a blessing, not a curse. She explains the supernatural childbirths of her own 4 children who were born easily, with no pain. She explains how we have authority and control over our bodies by the power of Jesus. She recommends praying and speaking over your body and baby each day- knowing that prayer changes things and the body obeys.

Faith and belief are the same concept. The great news is- if you don’t truly have faith something will happen- it doesn’t matter! You can grow your faith like you can change your beliefs- through constant repetition, visualization, emotion, and speaking decrees.

Hypnobabies: Hypnobabies is the birthing class we chose to take with an amazing instructor here in Denver, Mandy Jeffries. If you are in the area, I would definitely check her out! The course emphasizes the power of the mind, and how to reprogram your subconscious to view birth as a painless, joyful experience. You do this by deeply meditating and visualizing every day, and allowing your body to get deeply relaxed, and your brain waves to get into a state that allows easier access to subconscious belief change. Don’t let the ‘hypnosis’ part throw you. It is basically just taking time each day to train your body to get into a certain state and deeply meditate on what you do want, not what you do not want.

We know from neuroscience, deep meditation in a relaxed state physically changes the brain and body. It takes 63 days to physically break down old thinking neural pathways in the brain and replace them with new ones. This is where most people give up too soon before they see a result. To change a habit, thinking pattern, or belief- it takes DAILY work on that ONE thing for a period of time until the brain physically changes and that new belief gets into your subconscious where becomes who you naturally are without having to think about it.

Supernatural Childbirth: Each day I would:

  • Listen to a hypnobabies track.
  • Visualize a healthy baby and comfortable birth.
  • Generate the emotion of gratitude as if the experience already occurred.
  • Speak decrees and prayers out loud over my body, the baby, and the birth.

All of this built my faith and belief in my body and created the possibility of an enjoyable birth.

The Birth

I had a homebirth planned and ready to go. I felt at peace and was actually excited for the birthing process to begin.

42 weeksOur little one was due on October 7th, 2016. That day came and went, along with many other days far past that one. When I was 42 weeks and 2 days, I was getting ancy, but my husband was my rock and assured me that everything was perfect and the baby would come when ready.

(<——- hiking at 42 weeks, trying to pass the time!) 

On October 23, 2016 at 7:30pm, my water broke. My heart filled with anticipation and excitement knowing that the time had come. Contractions didn’t start until 9:30. I called my midwife and she advised me to get some rest. From 9:30 on I felt cramps very low, but did not think they were contractions.

I kept feeling that cramping sensation for hours and noticed they were coming in waves so they must be contractions, but they did not hurt – so I was not sure.

I laid in bed all night, going in and out of those feelings.

Around 4am- the contractions were definitely strong and intense- and when I lost my focus I could feel the pain- but once I refocused, got in an incredibly relaxed state, practiced my hypnobabies tehniques, and commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus- it went back to feeling comfortable.labor

(<——-bouncing on the ball when contraction started picking up) 

I was blown away with how well it was working. I still felt like I had a while to go because I was not in a ton of pain yet. but. . . .

When 6am came along- I had to get out of bed- I felt like pushing!

My husband called the midwife and she came over right away and checked me. I was 9cm and feeling ready to push.

A Turn of Events

This is where the story takes a turn.

laborWhen the midwife arrived, she immediately saw a ton of meconium (baby poop) and as she checked me, she said baby turned breech. We were shocked because the baby had been head down my whole pregnancy!

                 (ready to push- just before midwife arrived——->)

In Colorado, it is illegal for midwives to deliver breech babies at home- so she said we need to go to the hospital immediately.

My heart dropped. Fear began to fill me. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

Then- I remembered: How I react to this situation has a huge influence on what happens next.

So I had the choice:

  1. If I truly had faith and believed it could still be an incredible birth and that God has the best plans for me, he will make it happen.
  2. If I let fear take over- what I fear will most likely happen.

Over and over in my mind, I kept visualizing and believing for the best. Surrendering it to Father, and knowing he is in control, and he is good.

laborThis baby was coming. I could not stop it. On the car ride to the hospital, I would push on each contraction. At one point I asked Kenn to pull over because I thought she was going to come out!

(<——- in the car to the hospital ) 

Although an intense situation was happening in the car- I was able to stay completely calm, eyes shut, with no screaming. . . a true miracle!

The Hospital: Supernatural Childbirth

Walking into the hospital, they laid me on the bed as many doctors came in to figure out what to do.

At this hospital (any hospital really) they never deliver breech and consider it incredibly dangerous. The first doctors that checked me were throwing out warnings of death for me and baby while highly pushing us to begin an emergency c-section.

This whole time – I am still pushing with each contraction.

Just as they were about to begin c-section prep- the head doctor came in and checked me and said that the baby was already so far down that I could try to deliver it naturally, but if something happened- it would be 100x worse then a c-section because they would have to cut everything open as the baby was so low.

birthThey immediately rolled me into the OR- threw me on my back, and began checking me over and over. (that was the most uncomfortable part of the whole birth!) The room was filled with over 10 doctors- all staring at me and ready to jump in.

With each contraction, I pushed and pushed. I had to tune everything else in the world out and focus on the goodness of God, being in the secret place with HIM, visualizing and using my hypnobabies relaxation techniques.

With each push, the doctors were getting more anxious. They were even having me push without contractions! I knew this baby had to come out, so I said out loud baby come out in the name of Yeshua (Jesus) and on that push, the baby came out and was placed on my chest at 9:01am October 24, 2016! Hallelujah!

The doctors were amazed. Each one came to me and said they have never seen anything like that before- giving birth so peacefully without any meds. . . let alone breech!

My heart was full of joy and gratitude for what had just taken place.

The best part? We literally walked out of the hospital 5 hours later and went home for good.


The miracle God worked-  He is so much better than we think!

  • I was able to labor peacefully and comfortably at home until I was 9cm and ready to push.
  • Despite having to ride in a car and walk into the hospital while pushing on each contraction- I was able to stay calm, quiet, and at peace.
  • Despite being thrown on my back, having 10+ doctors all staring at me, and multiple doctors stretching and checking me- I was able to be calm, quiet, and remain focused the entire time I was pushing the baby out.
  • Despite being roughly checked and stretched multiple times and delivering a baby breech, I only  had a small tear and my bleeding was minimal and stopped quickly.
  • Despite just giving birth in an intense situation, I was able to walk out of the hospital 5 hours later and rest with my husband and baby at home!
  • Despite being in uncomfortable and chaotic circumstances giving birth, most of the doctors thought I had an epidural with how the birth went.

Kenn and I had been praying the whole time that this birth would be a light and a testimony to people. . . I had no idea how much it would be, in an entirely different way than I thought.

With God- and the incredible power he gave us to use our mind in powerful ways- comfort, peace, and calm filled the birth that would have otherwise been complete chaos.

Don’t get me wrong, when we were at the hospital and the doctors were figuring out what to do- we were scared beyond words could describe- but that led us to a place of complete and total surrender and dependence on God- more than I have ever experienced in my life.

Such amazing plans he has for us in each situation- and we get to partner with him to make it happen. I love it!

How do we partner with Him? By visualizing, decreeing (saying out loud), and generating gratitude even when you have no idea what is going to happen. Doing this opened doors of blessings I never knew were possible.

Kadence Tipharah

baby Crazy enough, we didn’t have a name for our little girl for almost a week. With friends and family biting at the bit- we were taking time to listen for the identity and destiny Father had for her.

Kadence: She will set the rhythm and pace of what is possible to everyone around her. She already has. She changes atmospheres with her presence and will lead and help people all over the world.

Tipharah: A Hebrew word meaning glory, strength, beauty. Enough said;)

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