Red Light Therapy Benefits JOOVV GO

Red Light Therapy Benefits JOOVV GO

Even though I am not actively practicing as an esthetician anymore, I am still obsessed with skin and Red Light Therapy Benefits.

This is the first time in 3.5 years that I haven’t been pregnant or breastfeeding, and let’s just say my skin looks a bit different. My goal is to remove the broken capillaries and redness/discoloration.

Before I went and did anything drastic (crazy peels/lasers etc.) I wanted to see what I could do on my own first, with a big part of my strategy being red light therapy.

My Plan Was:

  • Red light therapy every day
  • Intentional diet fused with minerals, EFA’s, bone broths, organ meats, etc.
  • Actually using skin care 😉

Red Light Therapy

The medical science community knows red light therapy works. Since NASA developed and studied LED light therapy in the early 1990s, it’s been tested and analyzed in hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies, with overwhelmingly positive results.

JOOVV is an at home near and infrared light therapy system.

This light has incredible benefits on cellular health and mitochondria function. More on the benefits of red light therapy here. 

Today I’m going to focus on the more esthetic benefits.


We have been using our JOOVV light for about 3 years and absolutely love it! It has helped so much with our daughter’s skin and our whole family’s nighttime ritual is to sit in front of it while we read bedtime stories.

I love knowing every time we use it, it’s fueling and rejuvenating our cells.

But lately, we have been traveling all over the place which made it the perfect time to try JOOVV GO!

JOOVV GO is a portable, handheld device you can use anywhere, anytime. It has all the benefits of the larger units, just in a smaller easy to use way.

JOOVV for Skin

I never realized how lazy I was until I got the JOOVV GO. Before, I had trouble finding time to sit my face in front of the light for 10 minutes. But now, I can sit anywhere and use it so I actually do.

Every day for 6 weeks I:

The results. . . .

My skin looks like ME again! The redness is almost gone and the capillaries have shrunk significantly.

I’m excited that the light provides benefits I can see AND ones I can’t, at a cellular level.

Red Light Therapy Benefits

Red Light Therapy Is:

  1. Incredible for skin: collagen production, cellular rejuvenation
  2. Incredible for health: thyroid function, hormones, mitochondria function (energy)
  3. Incredible for recovery: Injuries, sickness, workouts

If you have been wanting to try red light therapy, the JOOVV GO is a great starter because it’s a fraction of the cost. I definitely think it’s one of my go-to devices for health and healing!

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