Michaderm Therapy Cream

Michaderm Therapy Cream

As any parent with a little one struggling with eczema can tell you, the healing journey is no small feat. Many tears (from her and me ha!), constant itching, and the pursuit of healing can sometimes be overwhelming.

My little girl has been struggling with eczema since she was around 4 months old. Super dry, itchy, sensitive skin. She reacts to many foods and even just her itching sometimes causes hives.

We found that her eczema is most likely due to mold exposure in our old house + being born breach and having some damage to her nervous system from that and not getting chiropractic to address it right away leading to a weakened immune system.

We are going about healing her skin and the immune dysfunction by finding and treating the ROOT cause. Our approach is incredibly holistic, treating all areas for total healing:

  1. Food and supplements: Focusing on strengthening her immune system by strengthing her gut and microbiome.
  2. Body Work: Acupuncture and Chiro
  3. Energy Medicine: NEAT/BioSet
  4. External Care

Michaderm Natural Baby Eczema Therapy

Although our goal is to heal the skin and allergic reactions from within, throughout our journey, we have found some products that have really helped.

If you are like me, you are trying to do everything in your power to find natural products for eczema that are non-toxic and steroid-free – focusing on long-term health versus short-term relief. 

Michaderm is a great resource to have in your toolbelt if you or your child is dealing with eczema.

The items we found helpful are:

Michaderm Natural Hydrating Cream

Our little girl has very sensitive skin and does not do well with most lotions we have tried. Natural Hydrating Cream does not bother her skin at all and works really well combating the extreme dryness she has. Her ankles were red and cracked and using this lotion 2x a day cleared it up! We have found that it’s great to use after bathtime to lock in moisture.

This Cream:

  • Is developed by scientists and researchers from Stanford, this gentle natural Infant & baby therapeutic soothing cream is ideal for eczema, dry or sensitive skin
  • Transforms dry, bumpy, red, itchy or irritated skin to smooth, soft, and supple skin
  • Clinically shown to Soothe itchy skin, alleviates irritation, intensively hydrate skin, restore skin barrier; replenish water to dry cracked scaly skin
  • Steroid free, petrolatum free, paraben free, fragrance-free, dye free, skin irritant free

Natural Calming Cream:

This cream was particularly helpful when our daughter would break out in hives for unknown reasons. It really helped take the itch away and restore moisture overnight so her skin always looked better the next day!

Michaderm natural calming cream:

  • Offers itch relief without steroids; calms skin rash due to eczema (atopic dermatitis), hives, very dry skin, or chronic dermatitis
  • Gentle and nourishing skin protectant for delicate and sensitive skin, steroid free, fragrance free suitable for eczema, facial rash, or body rash
  • Best atopic dermatitis solution, Long lasting moisturizer , keeps skin hydrated for upto 48hrs; non-greasy
  • GMOs, petrolatum, paraben free; fragrance free, dye free; no harsh chemicals

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