How to Whiten Teeth at Home

How to Whiten Teeth at Home

Once upon a time back in the days where I slathered my body in chemicals, drank slim fast, and consumed energy drinks regularly (ah! face palm), I also underwent many treatments to whiten my teeth.

It wasn’t until a few years ago I learn the dark side of these treatments including. . .

  • tooth surface roughening and softening
  • increased tooth sensitivity
  • gum tissue irritation
  • loss of enamel
  • increased potential for demineralization
  • increased risk of tooth fracture
  • degradation of dental restorations
  • unacceptable color change of dental restorations

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Fortunately, there are natural ways to whiten teeth at home that truly work! Trust me, I have had my fare share of black tea and wine;)

How to Whiten Teeth at Home Naturally!

Oil Pull:

Oil pulling is an amazing way to pull harmful bacteria from the mouth as well as whiten teeth. This is best if you are looking to upgrade the health of your entire mouth and body, not so much an instant whitening. However, over time, it deep cleans your teeth so well you will definitely notice a difference in color.

Daily Tooth Whitening Tooth Powder

Every day, I love to brush with this tooth whitening powder. It is meant to replace your toothpaste and it not only whitens your teeth, it also contains powerful ingredients that promote tooth remineralization (reversing and preventing cavities). I have noticed the biggest difference in the color of my teeth after using it daily. If you haven’t switched from brushing with toothpaste to a good tooth powder yet, definitely give it a try soon! I seriously love this stuff.

Tooth Whitening Treatment

When I am looking for some serious whitening, I turn to this whitening powder. It contains activated charcoal and bentonite clay and absolutely removes stains and whitens teeth after just a few uses.

You could also just empty a capsule of activated charcoal on your wet toothbrush and brush, also highly effective! This is my favorite kind of Charcoal

Baking Soda + Apple Cider Vinegar

Make a paste with water and baking soda and then use your toothbrush to coat the teeth with the paste. Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in water and swish. The reaction of the ACV and baking soda deeply cleanses the teeth and gums while also making the mouth alkaline! This is great deep cleaning of the mouth.

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