How to Live Past 100

How to Live Past 100

Do you think that living to 120 is possible for you?

According to a report published by The Centenarian, Centenarians, people who live to 100, are the fastest growing group of the population across the globe.

The truth is, getting older does not mean our bodies begin to have problems. If we keep giving it the nutrients it needs, cleaning out the toxins it accumulates, and moving- the mind and body will stay sharp and functional until death! The problem is, we are not cleaning out the toxins that accumulate each day- so they keep building up leading to aging, disease, imbalance, low energy etc. 

There are cultures around the world (including Okinawa which has the largest population of centenarians) that have communities of people living well into their hundreds, fully functional, mentally sharp, and enjoying life.

In the book the Blue Zones- a man studies cultures all around the world with people living over 100 and the oldest people that have ever lived. He found there are a few concepts they had in common that lead to longevity.

How to Live Past 100

1 . Eat Real Food in the Right Way

Surprisingly, there was not one diet found in common among the oldest, healthiest people around the world. However, there were a few key principles that we all should take to heart if we want to live a long, healthy life.

  1. Eat real food: Organic, unprocessed, local, whole food. The more homemade, organic whole food- the healthier you will be.
  2. Eat until you are 80% full. Most people studied never overate.
  3. Take time for each meal. The centurions that were studied always made time to sit, relax, and be fully present to enjoy each meal. This leads to optimal digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients coming from the food.
  4. Drink plenty of clean water
  5. Eat a ton of plants.

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2. Move Naturally

Most centurians studied do not have regular ‘workout’ routines, or go for long runs. They are simply active all throughout the day, and they look AMAZING. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, hunting, walking everywhere, playing with children.

Whatever movement you want to always be able to do- keep doing it! Just because you are getting older does not mean you should move less. If you do not use it, you lose it.

Move MORE & don’t stop. Incorporate strength, stretching, and cardio each week.

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3. Don’t Focus on Yourself

The study found that one of the main contributors to staying fit, healthy, and mentally sharp for a very long time is having a reason to wake up in the morning. Every centurion studied had a sense of purpose for each day- even well into their 90s. Investing in community, providing a service, helping family.

4. Live in Community

Surprisingly, the number one factor was living around a community of people. This is becoming rare in an age where social media is taking over and people think they are connected through scrolling through others lives.

The people studied all surrounded themselves with the right tribe. They were either born into or they proactively surrounded themselves with the right people.

You become who you surround yourself with. If you want to be fit, healthy, successful, have purpose and meaning. . . surround yourself with a tribe of people who are doing the same. Having a community to raise kids, share burdens, help in times of need, and provide emotional and spiritual support is life changing (and life-increasing!).

5. Cleanse the Body + Fill Nutritional Deficiencies

Most diseases and health problem are caused by a toxic build up in the body, that is inhibiting healing and repair. This is causing low energy, hormone and digestive imbalances, sleep problems, mood swings, all disease, and slow break down of the body.

If you can clear what is causing the imbalance and fill in what your body may be deficient in- the body can heal and come alive at any age!

Cleansing gets rid of your toxicities

  • Heavy metals (major contributor to depression and mood disorders)
  • Bacterial/parasite/yeast infection
  • Environmental toxins (fluoride, pesticides, etc)

Then you find out and correct your deficiencies

Cleansing Lifestyle

The more detoxification you can do, the healthier you will feel! Your body is having to process a very toxic load- we need to lighten it up by:

  1. Using natural personal care and cleaning products
  2. Eating clean food
  3. Even in doing that – daily and yearly cleansing and detoxification is crucial. Just like an oil change, you body needs a tune up each year and daily to keep it running as it should.
  4. Daily detoxification techniques as well as a full body cleanse twice a year is the best way to maintain energy, hormone balance, clear thinking, clear skin, and a disease free and healthy body for the rest of your life.

To get our body thriving, we need to have a daily detoxification lifestyle to get these unwanted toxins out of our system.

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