How to Avoid Winter Depression

How to Avoid Winter Depression

I debated doing a ‘ways to stay healthy during the Holidays’ post because I didn’t want to fill you with the same old’ ‘tips’ you probably won’t do, or have heard a million times and aren’t very interesting to say the least.

I do want to give you valuable information of things you can do to get your body feeling amazing, especially during times people are getting sick, food is everywhere, the sun is setting way too early, you are stuck inside, and let’s be honest, just life in general.

I will be quick and to the point sharing the most powerful practices I am doing right now to not fall into a rut this winter.

How to Avoid Winter Depression

For more tips, check out my other post on Seasonal Affective Disorder 


Do it, people. It’s truly is one of the most powerful healing and recharging techniques that reduces inflammation, increases energy, floods your body with amazing antioxidants, annnnddd it’s *free*. I know it’s hard in the winter, but any chance you can sneak those feet out on the ground, do it. Your immune system, mood, and body will thank you.

Read More on Grounding

Light Therapy:

Or photobiomodulation. Can certain frequencies of light heal your body? Stimulate collagen? Balance hormones? Increase energy? Lift your mood? Yes, yes, and yes! I love to sit in front of red light for at least 10 minutes a day.

This is the light I am using every day

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Digestive Enzymes:

Quick, powerful tip for those large meals and sugary indulgences. Take digestive enzymes before. They will help break down and assimilate the food you are eating so you feel less tired and bloated. If you don’t have digestive enzymes, taking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before meals works as well!

I use these digestive enzymes.

Quick Burst Movement After You Eat:

So easy yet so effective in switching your body to fat burning instead of storing. If you had a large meal (especially one filled with carbohydrates or sugar) do some kind of movement after. A brisk walk, 50 squats, dance party, whatever gets you moving will tremendously help your metabolism, digestion, and mood!

Water and Shower Filters:

Water is everything for your health. But it’s the *type* of water that matters most. You don’t want to be filling your body with Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Fungus, mold, and feces, Fluoride, Bacteria, Hormones and Estrogens,Pesticides and herbicides, Plastics, Pharmaceutical drugs (narcotics, birth control, antibiotics, antidepressants), Viruses. Most tap water, bottled water, and even cheap ‘filtered’ water is full of substances that will make you feel terrible. I choose to spend my time and money on finding quality, structured water wherever I go. I use a quality water AND shower filter and drink spring water anywhere I go.

PS – You want a shower filter because your body absorbs more water in the shower than you can drink!

Read More About Filters Here

Social Media Boundaries:

I am going to take a guess that you need them. Me too. If I don’t have serious boundaries, I am checking my phone wayyyy to often and begin feeling comparison and anxiety take over. That’s what they want. Creators of these apps want you to be addicted and spend as much time as possible on them. But it’s changing our brain in a dark way. The more you are on social media, the more anxiety, dissatisfaction from life, and attention span you have. Social media is becoming one of the number one factors contributing to anxiety and depression. Instead of creating a life you love, you are too busy watching everyone else’s. What it’s doing to our lives is scary, and you are the only one that can stop it.

Read more about what I do for social media boundaries here.

Digestion Response/Eating Psychology:

How to Avoid Winter DepressionIt doesn’t matter what you are eating if you are not digesting it. Before you worry about WHAT you are going to eat, it’s more important to think about HOW you are eating it. Not many are focusing on this, and that’s the problem. To activate the digestive response to be in a state that allows you to digest and assimilate the nutrients you are eating:

  • 5 Deep breathing before meals.
  • Positive Emotional state when eating
  • CHEW. Seriously, Chew. This alone is more powerful than any digestive support out there.
  • No liquids at meals as it dilutes enzymes.
  • Use Digestive enzymes when eating out or eating a big meal.

Many are suffering from nutrient deficiencies because they are not digesting their food – this one switch could change everything.

Vitamin D:

I had to throw in a one of the not-so-interesting tips. Wonder why sickness runs rapid in the winter? People are not getting in the sun! One of the most healing, immune boosting tools we have. I still try to make it a point to get sun any day I can, even if I look like a crazy woman with my pregnant belly hanging out standing in snow. When I can’t get outside, I supplement with this.

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