I have been into the work of Patricia King lately and her new book “God’s Law of Attraction” is a quick and easy read with a few simple yet profound truths we all need to be aware of and practicing daily to dramatically shift and make a difference with our lives.

I love to take the books I read and pull out 5-7 of my favorite key ideas and actions steps that I personally have taken and applied to better my life and the lives of those around me. This also gives you a great overview of the book to know if you would like to dive deeper into it.

Find Gods Law of Attraction here!

God’s Law of Attraction by Patricia King

You are a 3 part being: You are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. You soul is your mind, will, and emotions. This book focuses on the power of your soul (mind, will, and emotions) over your entire life! 

1 . The Secret and God’s Law of Attraction

Throughout history, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and inventors have discovered thousands of natural laws of the universe. One of these discovered laws of the Universe has become known as the ‘law of attraction’.

The simple definition of the law of attraction states: “I attract into my life  whatever I give my thoughts, feelings, and attention, habits, energy, focus , and belief to.”

This concept was made popular by the movie ‘The Secret” that was released in 2006. Since that time, many Christians began to warn about the concept because it is ‘New Age or  witchcraft’. Patricia states:

“sometimes we critically judge what we do not understand and therefore miss the blessing of discovering truth, wisdom, and discernment as we search the matter out to see if these things be so.”

There is a key verse in scripture that demonstrates the law of attraction: “Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your SOUL prospers.” 3 John 1:2


Here, John reveals that our health, well-being, and prosperity are connected to our soul or our MIND.

God’s law of attraction responds to the thoughts and emotions you believe -whether positive or negative.

Although most people that talk about the law of attraction do not know the creator of it, they still discovered the law. The biggest caution to understand about the law of attraction is that YOU are NOT God and cannot make whatever you want happen whenever you want.  However, He did give you an amazing authority in the world and our lives by making our thoughts and emotions actually affect the physical world and reality.

We have the THRILL of partnering with HIM through our thoughts and watching it change our reality!

Patricia points out that God alone is the creator of these laws that govern the universe and nature- man just discovers these laws. Also, God’s laws work for all people at all time, whether you are Christian or not (i.e The Law of Gravity).

2. Making Your Mind Matter

Your soul or mind = your thoughts, will, and emotions.

As your soul (thoughts, will, and emotions,) are aligned to God’s word and ways, then you will prosper according to HIS goodness and intention for your life.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8

  • Your mind is the most powerful tool you have to create change in any area of your life.
  • You are constantly attracting something godly or ungodly based on what you are thinking about.
  • The focus of the minds pondering is called meditation. Scripture tells us that blessings of success, prosperity, fruitfulness, vibrancy will come from meditating on the word of God, Psalm 1:1-3
  • The law of attraction works according to what we envision. Positive images align with Gods truth will attract life and blessing to you. Negative images will attract oppression and calamity. This is why scripture tells us to cast down negative thoughts and turn them into praise or God’s promises- because if we don’t- we ourself bring cursing into our life.

God is inviting you to cleanse your mind from everything that is negative and INTENTIONALLY fill it with good things that will attract blessings.

Read more about how to detox your thought life and how prayer changes the body.

Intentionally Choose Your Thoughts:

  • Focus on what you want- not what you don’t want.
  • What you have, not what you don’t have.
  • What God IS doing, not what he is NOT doing.
  • How you want to feel NOT how circumstances are making you feel!

3. Using Your Emotions:

Thoughts are sending a signal out into the universe, and your emotions are like the magnet- bringing whatever you are feeling to you. 

How you feel about things produces a manifestation of what those feelings represent. Remember what Job says, “What I fear comes upon me” (Job 3:25)

  • Your feelings and emotions come from your thoughts and beliefs.
  • If you want to change how you feel consistently, you have to consistently THINK and SPEAK words that build you and others up.
  • Your body state impacts your feelings and emotions: Sitting slouched, arms crossed and  frowning physically creates hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel sad and depressed. When you sit up straight and throw your hand in the air, and smile- your brain generates hormones and neurotransmitters that change your feelings. I wrote all about how your body affects your mind and power poses here. Use your body to change your mood by getting into a power pose!

Feelings and emotions are inevitable. However, whatever you focus on, you empower. So acknowledge what you are feeling, release it, and change your focus.

Changing your thoughts and what you meditate on changes the emotions and feelings that will come up for you in the long term. Something that used to negatively affect you, may not effect you anymore.

Learn how to scientifically increase happiness and how gratitude changes your life here.

Action Step:

  1. Intentionally fill your mind each day with what you are grateful for which will lead to joyful emotions.
  2. Choose one dream you have for your life. Take time each day to intentionally ponder your dream and let your emotions fill with anticipation for its fulfillment!

4. Using Your Will

“Today I have given you the choice between life and death, between blessings and curses.” Deuteronomy 30:19

Your will is what determines your life. You have the power to choose what you think, you have the power to choose how you feel, you have the power to choose how you react to situations.

The choices you make about how you react and what you think each day will either make you prosper or bring you problems, anxiety, and distress.

Ways of thinking are a HABIT.
Seeing lack, worrying about everything, gossiping, etc.

Focusing on the good, reacting to each situation with hope and peace, and generating positive emotions takes time to form a new habit of being this way automatically- but you can!

Your will is the gate-keeper to your soul. You choose what gets in. You choose what you accept and reject both from your own thoughts to the thoughts of others around you. Never agree with someone who is speaking something negative.

5. Creating Realms and Atmospheres

“Your environment can mold and transform you, or you can mold and transform your environment.”

  • A realm is a territory (visible or invisible) over which control is exercised.
  • An atmosphere is a general mood or feeling.

You are affected by different rehems and atmospheres everywhere you go, every day. If you allow it, negative realms and atmospheres can affect you.  HOWEVER you can also affect the realms and atmosphere around you.

Create realms and atmospheres in your life by:

  • decreeing the word of God out loud
  • playing worship in the background
  • meditating on what you DO WANT. Love, peace, joy, success, health, etc. The more you meditate on these things, the bigger the realm and atmosphere is creates in your life that brings blessings and prosperity in all areas.

More on how visualization changes the body and the power of meditation here.

Action Step: Choose one area in your life and begin intentionally creating a realm and atmosphere of blessings around it. It could be your home, finances, health, or relationships. Decree the word of God over that area, visualize what you want it to be and thank God for his provision in that area. Fill your thoughts and emotions with good around this area and watch it change!

5 Practices that will keep your soul in health

  1. Read and speak the word daily
  2. Repent immediately when you have noticed a sin and replace with opposite
  3. Watch what you let into your mind and practice gratitude every single day. The more you are grateful, the more you will attract things to be grateful about. Choose one thing you complain about, and instead, express gratitude for it and see what happens;)
  4. Fill your mind with what you want- things that are full of love, peace, inspiration, and truth. Intentionally meditate on what you DO want and not what you DO NOT want.
  5. When facing a problem- praise him for the opposite! For example: if you are worried about money, praise him for his provision! Praise will attract blessings, anxiety will attract more lack. 

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