Change Your Body Shape (without working out)

Change Your Body Shape (without working out)

Flash back to when I was 42 weeks pregnant (pictured above) and really learned the power of this. . .

What if there was a pill with no harmful side effects that boosts your mood, makes you more focused and productive, makes you less stressed and anxious about life and daily work, makes you less reactive to your kids and family, and makes your body look good. . . would you take it? Of course you would!

Think about how much time a day you spend sitting.

  • Do you work behind a computer and sit for hours at a time at your work space every day?
  • Do you spend hours a day commuting and driving in your car?
  • Do you sit and stay inside all day with your kids?
  • Do you get home and sit some more in front of the computer or TV?

Most people do and it is impacting them more than they realize.

Being sedentary almost all day is 100% opposite to how our body was designed to work. The body consistent movement throughout the day to get blood, oxygen, and nutrients to your brain and every cell in your body. Without this flow of oxygen and energy through the body- each body system and cell begin to degenerate.

Most people do not know that sitting all day actually creates feelings of stress, anxiety, and tiredness. This is because the body is not doing what is was designed to do so it will not perform how it was designed to preform.

I had this problem. Sitting for hours working behind the computer. Feeding my baby and sitting more.

Being in the health and wellness industry- I could no longer deny the evidence of the harm of sitting for such long periods.

Change Your Body Shape: The Movement Solution

The solution is not to switch to a standing desk or work out for longer periods once a day.

The solution is to constantly move and change positions throughout the day.

While working:

  • Try sitting for a while, then stand, then maybe sit on the floor.
  • The changing of positions is what the body was created to do.
  • The next key is to take just 1-5 minutes every working hour to do some kind of movment. Squats, pushups, walking, etc.
  • Do whatever you can to take at least a 15 minute walk outside every day.

Benefits of Movement Throughout the Day

Because you will be getting more blood flow, oxygen, and energy to your brain and every cell in your body, you will experience:

  • Increased energy
  • Less anxiety, stress, being less unmotivated
  • Increased focus and creativity
  • Better mood
  • Being less reactive to kids, life, work
  • More calm and productive

Not to mention how it will physically change your body! For more on this, definitely study Katy Bowmans work on how moving throughout the day actually shapes your body. As you can imagine, sitting all day creates a hunched, flat-booty, extra-body-fat-in-all-the wrong-places type look. Whereas moving throughout the day (constantly walking, squatting, lifting things, etc.) provides a leaner, strong body, with functional muscles that allow you to stay strong and fully mobile until death.

Working out for an hour every day is great, but do not underestimate the power continuous movement has on your body and mind!

Try It For Yourself!

You can read all of the articles and scientific studies you want proving that movement makes a dramatic impact on your life, but nothing is more powerful than personal experience.

Try it for yourself!

  1. Every hour from 9-5- get up and do some kind of movement for a few minutes: A brisk walk- 10 pushups, squats, burpees, etc.
  2. Try to take at least a 15 minutes walk each day
  3. Try some movement first thing in the morning, even for a few minutes!
  4. Try stretching every night before bed

Track your mood, stress, and productivity and notice the difference it makes!

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