As I am sure you know, hormones control everything. How you look, feel, skin, energy, weight, digestion, fertility, mood. . . the list can go on and on.

Over the years of working with women, I have found there are five specific steps you need to implement in your life in order to heal from anything, be healthy and vibrant, and have balanced hormones.

PCOS, infertility, skin and digestion issues, anxiety, mood swings, and irregular periods are more common than every before. . . BUT THERE IS HOPE.

It takes more than diet and supplements. It takes a complete physical, mental, and emotional approach. If you do not address the mental side of your issues, problems will never be solved.

Here is a quick summary of the concepts I address in the training video above!

How to Balance Hormones and Mind

Step One: Hormone balancing diet and supplements.

You must eat an anti-inflammatory, hormone building diet.

  • Fat is the building block of hormones. You must be eating enough healthy fat, healing protein, and detoxifying veggies each day to give your body what it needs to make the hormones you need.
  • HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. Unstable blood sugar is a major cause of hormone imbalance. You have unstable blood sugar when you: Eat and drink things high in sugar. Drink caffeine on an empty stomach. Eat high carb meals- pasta, cereal, cookies, bread etc.,

Take Away:

  1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Include a healing protein, healthy fat, and detoxifying veggies at each meal.
  2. Balance your blood sugar my not eating high carb meals and sugar and making sure to include a source of healthy fat at each meal!
  3. Eat in a slow and relaxed state so your body can actually assimilate and use the nutrients you are getting from your food.
  4. Include key supplements like:

Two: Daily Microbiome, gut, and liver rejuvenation

Your gut and liver are major organs in hormonal balance because they filter and detoxify toxins and excess hormones that cause imbalance.

Take away:

  1. Avoid things that harm gut and liver like pesticides, sugar, vegetable oils, non-filtered water.
  2. Eat things that support gut and liver every day like probiotic foods and liquids, key vegetables, filtered water, collagen, and bone broth.

Three: Master your environment:

Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream in 30 seconds. Most personal care products contain compounds that mimic estrogen in the body causing estrogen dominance which is the main cause of weight gain, mood issues, skin issues, and many other hormonal imbalances.

Take away:

  1. Switch to natural personal care products to save your hormones!

Four: Mental and emotional training:

The BIGGEST factor in having a healthy body exists within your mind and emotions. Fear, anxiety, envy, anger, etc all put your body in a state that shuts down your hormonal system. If you are constantly worried, self-critical, and stressed out- you could be eating the healthiest food in the world, but your body is still going to have problems. Your mind changes your brain and your brain changes your body!


  1. Implement practices each day that allow you to release emotions.
  2. Intentionally visualize what you want: How you want to look and feel. Visualize your healing. Visualize a healthy body.
  3. Intentionally direct your thoughts every morning and night.
  4. When triggered by a negative emotion, do something to change your emotional state turn your endocrine system back on!

Five: Become a habit master

Your success is made up of your habits. The actions you do each day and the thoughts you think each day. You have the ability to wire in any habit or mindset that you want to where it becomes naturally who you are without having to think about it!

The goal is to make eating healthy, moving everyday, drinking water, and being a person that does not get stressed, worried, or angry automatic and our natural default for experiencing life!

Take away:

  1. Choose one habit that will make you healthier and do it every day until it becomes automatic.
  2. Choose one mindset you want to have and practice it every day until it becomes automatic.

Balance Your Mind and Hormones Program

To receive guides, checklists, meal plans, shopping lists, mental training tools, a habit journal, and more life changing information, check out my balance your hormones and mind program!

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