Key Lime Pie Smoothie

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Key Lime Pie SmoothieWe have had smoothie fever around here lately. The best part of smoothie season is if you do not feel like taking the time to make a delicious dessert, you can make a dessert smoothie in half the time and it hits that sweet spot.

I was really feeling like some key lime pie, but I was really not feeling like making one. And THIS happened. Wonderful summertime smoothie for all.

Notes for Smoothie

Add more/less honey depending on how sweet you like it. You can also add more leafy greens if you really want to pack a punch.

key lime pie smoothie

Cooking Instructions

Serves 2:

1. Soak cashews for at least 2 hours before using it.

key lime smoothie

2. Blend all ingredients and top with some crushed nuts or cinnamon.

smoothie green

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  • Tigger

    This looks so yummy! Think I’ll try it with a whole avocado though!

  • Mandy

    Wow..! My husband and I have just tried this, and it’s amazing…! I’m now searching through the rest of your smoothie recipes… Thank you so much for this; and to Dr David Jockers for directing us to your site… xx


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    5 min
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