The Physics of Heaven was written by two women, Judy Franklin and Ellyn Davis, out of Bethel- a Biblically based and spirit-lead church that is doing the miraculous all over the world.

I love to take the books I read and pull out 5-7 of my favorite key ideas/insights and actions steps that I personally have taken and applied to better my life and the lives of those around me. 

The book has 9 well known contributing authors, each with their own chapter in the book describing their expertise on the subjects of quantum physics, healing, energy, and frequencies/vibrations. People like Bill and Beni Johnson, Larry Randolph and Bob jones, and more!
You can find The Physics of Heaven here!

We are coming into a time where God is revealing to us incredible truths about the natural and spiritual world that we have the power to tap into and literally change our reality.

The work of Dr. Caroline Leaf also provides incredible information about the power of the mind from a Christain perspective.

Big Ideas from Physics of Heaven

1. Pulling Truth out of New Age: Real Versus Counterfeit

As we talked about in “God’s Law of Attraction” by Patricia King, many Christians have stayed far away from anything in the ‘New Age’ world. In the book, Judy and Ellyn describe how this is unfortunate and that we need to extract the ‘precious from the worthless’ from practices of the New Age movement and quantum physics.

The principles that energy healing focus on are “developing powers of the mind, aligning with positive ‘energies’ and removing physical, mental, and emotional blockages to enlightenment.” In regards to quantum mysticism and metaphysics (law of attraction and focus on human consciousness) These authors make the point that these views have God truth that Christians need to know about! There are more and more Christian leaders that are taking backs truths from the New Age that really belong to the kingdom of God.

“I have found 75 examples of things that the New Age has counterfeited including spirit guides, trances, meditation, auras, and power objects. These actually belong to the church but have been cleverly repackaged.”

The women talk about how we are told that we have the ‘power to move mountains’ and that ‘we will do even greater works than Jesus did’ yet up to this point in history, we have not surpassed what Jesus was able to do. They believe that what God is revealing about light, energy, sound, and vibrations is showing us how these things are actually possible, and how to tap into the outstanding power that God has placed inside of us.

2. God’s Vibrations

In the chapter “Vibrating in Harmony with God” Bob Jones talks about how vibrations cause change. He says that God and the Holy Spirit have certain vibrations, you have certain vibrations, and everything around you has certain vibrations. If we align our vibrations to God’s, amazing things begin to happen.

He says there are positive and negative vibrations. Positive vibrations are like a portal to heaven, and negative vibrations are like cancer.

New Age thought believes that what you are thinking and feeling is releasing a positive or negative frequency into the world, and will attract people and situations into your life that are in line with that particular frequency. Hence the importance of feeling and thinking on what you DO want to happen and not what you DON’T want.

This is why God tells us in Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” He knows that our thoughts and emotions matter, and affect our situations and reality.

Our brain and heart emit electromagnetic fields which change depending on our emotional state that other people can feel around us.

We have all had the experience of interacting with someone and sensing their fear, anger, or joy. Or we think about someone and suddenly they call you. “Many scientists are convinced those experiences indicate that thoughts and emotions and words carry vibrational frequencies that radiate into our surroundings, and not only effect out own thoughts and emotions, but also affect everyone and everything around us.

They mention, “it shouldn’t be hard for us to believe the ‘vibrational energy’ we emit in the world can attract thoughts, emotions, and experiences in harmony with ours.”

3. Sounds

For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have discovered that sound vibrations affect human consciousness and the physical body. Different music, words, chanting, and prayers physically carry the sound vibrations that ‘tune’ and heal the body- mentally and physically.

“God’s voice and angels can also be heard and experienced by man. A whole new realm of encounter awaits those who possess three qualities: Expectancy, intentionality, and intimacy. Because God, creation, and angels are constantly interacting, we can expect to hear them at times.”

How can we increase our sensitivity to the sounds of God?

  • Open your eyes, heart, and ears with expectancy to encounter the sounds and sights of heaven on a new level. Faith and expectancy create an environment for the encounter.
  • Being intentional! Simply taking the time to listen and see.
  • Intimacy: at the slightest impression of the Lord’s calling, turn aside to meet with him, if just for a moment.Intimacy is the incubator of increased encounters from the supernatural realm.”

4. Words

Words matter. They change, they create, or they destroy- and now science is proving it. You may have heard of the famous experiment done by an amazing scientist with water. He monitored the molecular structure of the water while speaking certain words over it. Loving words caused the structure to arrange in beautiful crystallization and harmful words caused the molecules to break and deform. Your body is 70 percent water. . . . what words are you speaking to yourself?

There is power in the sound of the spoken word. There is a reason why God’s word is living and does not return void. What makes it not return void? Angels. Psalm 103:20 says “My angels, might in God, who obey the sound of his word.” Angels obey the sound of his word. When we speak the word, angels then take what we say to completion. Angels do not hear what you are thinking, but they know what you are saying. That’s why the Word requires sound.

Related article: meditation to hear God, how prayer changes your brain.

5. Quantum Physics

Old view of physics is called Newtonian physics. This views the world as a machine that you can learn about by studying the different parts and how they interact. Think of it like this. Newtonian physics assumes the world like a big clock that runs on its own. Although I can learn a lot about how the clock works by taking it apart and studying its parts, springs, and gears – me looking at the clock to see what time it is will never effect how the clock tics. In other words, if it is 2pm, unless I change the dials, the clock will not say 10pm because I want it to.

With quantum physics, if I looked at the clock, it just may tell me the time based on what I expect it to be. So if I want it to be 10pm, there would be a great probability that when I looked at my quantum clock, it would tell me it is 10pm because that is what I expect to be.

Discoveries of Quantum Physics—– Showing What Faith Is 

Everything that exists is just energy- vibrating as waves and particles.

Whether energy expresses itself as a wave or a particle seems to be related to the expectation of the observer. Experiments have shown, if the observer is expecting to see waves, the energy behaves as waves, if the observer is expecting to see particles, the energy behaves as particles.

When they are not being observed or measured, particles of light act as waves and only exists as ‘probability’ fields’. But, if they are being observed or measured, the probability field ‘collapses’ the wave into a solid object in a specific place and time.

What does this mean? Basically, there are infinite possibilities for your future, and you can choose what you want to ‘observe’ and bring in to life. Hence the importance again of watching what you think and speak! Each word and thought are affecting the particles around you.

Concepts of Quantum Theory

  • The world we live in is not the ‘real’ world but an illusion. Because of our childhood imprinting and societal programming, we don’t see the world as it really is.
  • Everything, even our thoughts and emotions, emits energetic vibrations. some vibrations are good and healing, while others are toxic and damaging to the body.

Christians and quantum mystics part ways over four issues

  • where God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit come in.
  • what constitutes as sin
  • where the Bible fits in
  • what happens after we die

**Read book for more details. . . .

God’s truth: we can speak things into existence. Christians believe that through faith, we can effect changes in the material world, Romans 4:17 “call the things that are not as if they are”

Our faith is the substance of what is hoped for and the evidence of things unseen” It should not be a stretch to beleive that ‘observers’ to whom Jesus gave all of the power in the heaven and earth, can with prayer, intent, faith, and declaration- call things into existence. Or in other words ‘make a wave a physical particle’. He gave us the power to bring things from the unseen world into the visible.

All realities only exist in probability until a particular reality is selected.

Annette Capss says that faith is an energy force that affects the vibrational realm and can cause things to be brought from the invisible realm into the visible. Faith is an unseen force. It is not matter, but it creates matter and actually becomes matter. You have a choice to use the energy of your words to change matter.

This is how we partner with God. You take a promise or vision that he has showed you- and visualize and speak as though it is true. The more emotion, thought, and words you can put into it- the better.

This shows us that God made us meaningful players in life- that our thoughts and intentions matter and we can simply do more than just ‘pray’. We can visualize, we can speak, and we can generate emotions. All of which effect reality.

Many Christians just pray and simply stop there. But what if we had a bigger role to play? What if instead of just presenting a request to God and nothing else, we prayed and then used our thoughts, emotions, and words to ‘observe’ and work with HIM to create that reality?

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  • Guido

    Although I can see their point, I think it is a dangerous premise to “learn” from the New Age. Why not encourage people to seek and find answers in Scriptures instead of having to learn from false religions? Everything we need to know about God and Heaven is revealed in the Scriptures. There is where we need to spend our energy researching, in Christ.
    Colossians 2:3 “Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”

    • Theresa Quadros

      I agree 100%. Searching the scriptures is the way to go