Organic Farm to Table Restaurants Denver

Organic Farm to Table Restaurants Denver

When I travel, one of the most exciting parts of my adventures is finding awesome places to eat.

Major things I look for in a good restaurant.

  1. What oils they cook with. Most restaurants cook with vegetable oils. Even really nice restaurants and so-called ‘healthy’ places. One of the things  I care about most is what types of oils I consume for health. I am way more concerned with what oils I am getting more so than other ‘culprits’ like sugar. The reason is our cells are composed of fat so they will be built off the type of fat we eat. Vegetable oils are one of the most inflammatory things you can put in your body. I think the hardest thing about traveling is getting bombarded with vegetable oils. Because they are literally in everything. EVERYTHING. If a restaurant cooks with olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, or butter – I’m sold!
  2. Quality of food
    1. Making sure there are no GMOs
    2. Sourcing of vegetables and meats from local, organic farms. Grass-fed, wild caught, and pasture-raised
    3. Glyphosate-free – most food is covered in pesticides and glyphosate which is one of the biggest causes of leaky gut. And the leaky gut is causing all the health problems.
  3. Unique/fun offerings: this one is optional, but something I most definitely look for. When I travel, I love finding and exploring health food and health food places that offer unique and awesome things I don’t on my own. I’m talking things like superfood elixirs with medicinal mushrooms, raw milk, homemade sprouted cashew milk,  raw cacao, bone broth lattes, adaptogen CBD infused food and drinks, paleo desserts. . . all the things!

Exciting News!

My husband is building an app. that will include restaurants all around the world that fit these criteria! One, because I need it! I can’t tell you how many times I have been in a city and have spent way too much time googling places I would actually like to eat.

Imagine if you could just enter your location, and it would give you the restaurants that are super high quality near you in just seconds! Your one stop shop for all things healthy food and coffee shops. I can’t wait!

In the meantime though, here is a list of places in Denver that are wonderful to check out. . .

Organic Farm to Table Restaurants Denver


  • The Corner Beet
  • The Juicing Tree
  • Crema
  • Blue Sparrow
  • Amethyst
  • Purple Door
  • Aviano
  • MMM Coffee
  • Beet Box Cafe


  • Foodcopia
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Just Be Kitchen
  • The Corner Beet
  • Snooze Eatery
  • City O City
  • Ophelias


  • Root Down
  • Sushi Den
  • Just Be Kitchen
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Mod Market
  • Acorn
  • Uno Mas
  • Denver Central Market
  • Guard and Grace
  • The Wolf’s Tailor
  • The Bindery
  • Hop Alley
  • The Populist
  • Work + Class
  • Kitchen Next Door
  • Los Chingones
  • Cuba Cuba
  • City O City
  • Mercantile
  • Fruition
  • Departure
  • The Source

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  • WillCD

    I too watch oils very carefully. You have “Guard and Grace” on your list. I used to frequent there as they have grass-fed steak on the menu. I went there half a dozen times and made it clear I could not have vegetable oil and they assured me I would only get pure olive oil. (I always ordered their Brussels sprouts.) On my 6th visit, the waitress told me that they definitely use vegetable oil (canola I think) on their Brussels sprouts. I was devastated. Thought you’d want to know. I have not been back.