Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Naturally

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In all of this time, I realized I have yet to share my personal testimony of healing. I may have mentioned bits and pieces here and there, but nothing sharing the details of how I came into Functional Nutrition, Energy Medicine, and Quantum Hormonology.

I personally like distilled rather than drawn out stories, so I am going to give you the summary of my journey and how I got to where I am today.

Health Journey

Like many, I grew up on the standard American diet full of processed and fast food. When I got to high school, the obsession with weight and dieting began. I basically lived off of pop tarts, slim fast, and strawberry frappuccinos (seriously).

I began to have terrible acne, anxiety, and period issues which led me to the doctor which led me to put on birth control.

With years more of eating terribly, when I got out of high school I began becoming interested in health. With the information at the time, I thought to be healthy was eating a ton of fruit, whole grains, and an overall low-calorie diet.

Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Naturally So my diet went from a bunch of processed foods to mostly fruit, ancient grain cereal, carrots, protein bars, and plant foods. Although definitely an upgrade, this was definitely not doing my body any good.

One, I was still concerned more about weight and what I looked like than if I was healthy or not. I thought healthy was skinny and abs. I thought I was healthy.

Plus, I was modeling which did not help my body image issue.

Fast forward to a few years down that trail and I decided to get off birth control. Well, after 1 year of no period coming off birth control, I knew something wasn’t right.

This is the time my husband and I really wanted a baby, and I couldn’t (anyone who has gone through this knows it is heartbreaking!)

I went the traditional medical route first which only left me with greater anxiety and fear as they told me I would not be able to have kids, that I probably have PCOS, that I needed hormone treatments and more birth control.

Well. I knew there was a different way.

This led me down the path of functional medicine, Weston a Price Foundation, hormones, and fertility. I went to school for all of it and it changed my life.

Main Causes of HA:

  • eating too little (calories, carbs)
  • exercising too much
  • stress
  • too low body fat
  • blood sugar dysregulation

Check, check, check, check, and check.

Healing the Body

Healing my body was the first step.

What I had going on: Hypothalamic amenorrhea is the technical name for when the hypothalamus stops sending “go ahead and reproduce!” signals to the pituitary gland resulting in a missing period.

Summary of what I had to do to heal my body:

  1. Get over my body image issues: learned to love my body whatever it looked like. Changed my view that skinny = beautiful. Not limiting my food to lose weight. Not working out just to change what my body looked like. This was a journey, but SO WORTH IT.
  2. Nourished my body with the right foods: I had to eat ENOUGH each day. This looked like plenty of healthy fats, vegetables, clean proteins, and complex carbs. Eating things like liver, wild salmon, cod liver oil, raw goat kefir, and fermented veggies.
  3. Avoided Toxins: Switched to all natural personal care products. Filtered water only. Avoid sugar, vegetable oils, processed foods and conventional animal products.
  4. Healed my gut
  5. Learned to listen to my body about what kind of workouts to do instead of pushing through feeling awful.
  6. Supplemented wisely: fish oil, minerals, probiotic, collagen, bone broth, greens powder, and vitamin C (really effective in increasing progesterone). Brain octane oil 
  7. Ate enough carbs: One mistake I made was eating too much fat and not enough carbohydrates. If you have HA and are on a low carb diet, please don’t be!

Healing the Mind

Once I began to change my diet (eating lots and lots of nutrients dense foods) I had a period! It wasn’t regular though and months and months still went by with no baby.

Like many with HA, I began to become too focused on being healthy, what my body needed, and what I needed to do. FIY I am an Enneagram Type Three for anyone that is into that stuff hahaha! Meaning achieving and being image conscious are pretty dominate areas.

third trimester tipsAlthough doing the best you can to take care of your body is important, the work you do with your thoughts and emotions is more important and what will create lasting change.

This is when I started stepping into the world of quantum physics, neuroscience, and epigenetics. I learned the absolute incredible power of the mind and its effect on the endocrine and reproductive system. I realized my thoughts and emotions were keeping me captive.

When I put all my focus on creating healthy thoughts and emotions day after day, everything changed.

Caroline Leaf does a fantastic job explaining the science behind the mind and how to rewire it

How I Healed my Mind:

  1. I stopped stressing about food and being healthy. I ate the best I could without stressing about it. The less focus you put on your body and food, the better.
  2. I brought PLEASURE into everything. Eating, moving, relationships. The more I enjoyed each thing I did, the healthier I got.
  3. I visualized every day: I started noticing the biggest changes in my health when I started doing this. When your hypothalamus is not communicating with your ovaries and the reproductive system correctly (hypothalamic amenorrhea) fertility issue occurs. I visualized my hormones flowing beautifully from my hypothalamus to my ovaries. I visualized clear skin. I visualized taking a pregnancy test and watching it show up positive. I generated a strong feeling of GRATITUDE each time I did this, like my body was already exactly how I wanted it to be.  The mind and emotions has the biggest impact on the body.
  4. I wired out thinking patterens of anxiety and lack! —> How I healed my anxiety around money

Within months of doing this, I took a pregnancy test after the Broncos Super Bowl 50 Win and it showed up with a big fat POSITIVE!

Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Naturally

You can begin the journey of Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Naturally. It requires stepping back at your life and taking an honest look.

  • Are you eating enough?
  • Do you worry about gaining weight? Eating unhealthy food? Not being able to work out?
  • Are you exercising too much?
  • Are you stressed and anxious about everything?
  • Do you care too much about what you look like? Do you love yourself no matter what you look like?
  • Are you too disciplined and healthy and not allowing any room for pleasure?

In my experience, most women with HA are very driven, type A, beautiful souls that just think way too much. Ha!

If you are experiencing HA, take 2 months to really nourish your body with lots of healing foods, do something that brings you pleasure each day, and really, really start practicing taking fearful, judging, and anxious thoughts and replacing them with thankfulness, self-love, and pleasure.

Let me know where you are at in your journey and how I can help in any way!

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Healing Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Naturally. Missing period_ Read this! How to balance hormones

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