How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

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When people look at me they assume I am just naturally ‘small’, if only they knew I spent half of my life very much overweight. For as long as I can remember I struggled with my weight, body image, and disordered eating. Constantly losing and gaining all throughout middle school and the beginning of high school. Towards the end of high school going into college, I finally had the ‘body’ I always wanted. The problem was, it came with severe anxiety, infertility, and cystic acne because I was not eating the amount or types of foods my body desperately needed.

Aside from hormone imbalance and all of the symptoms that come along with that, weight loss is the second topic people ask me about the most.

Through my long journey of healing my own weight, body image, and eating issues –  I have discovered truly powerful information about weight loss and love to help people find their own freedom.

Like everything, I have a different take on weight loss. It needs to be approached on multiple levels to really create lasting change.

If you are looking to lose weight, explore three these areas.

How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Psychology & Beliefs 

Step One: Become Aware

You need to start here. As you have heard me say over and over and over, your mind is the signal to the body. Your mind is changing your brain and your brain is changing your body. Overeating, dieting, emotional eating, body image. . . they all have a root. Whether its how you were raised or a coping mechanism you developed through stressful times, we all have a story that can describe why we are the way we are with food.

Take a minute and try to think about yours?

You may have some gnarly beliefs that are dictating your body’s response to food.

  • I have a slow metabolism
  • Weight issues run in my family
  • I am getting older which means my metabolism is starting to slow
  • If I eat that then it will make me gain weight instantly
  • I can’t control myself around food
  • I am an emotional eater
  • Carbs make me fat
  • I have to eat less to lose weight
  • If I eat this then I am going to eat less the next couple days
  • If I eat this then I am going to go exercise to burn it off

So, if it’s true your body follows your beliefs, then it makes sense that if you are thinking these things every time you eat, that’s what your body is going to do right?

Action Steps

  1. Your mind is going to be the most powerful tool you have when losing weight. First become aware of the stories and beliefs you have about your weight and body. What are they?
  2. Whatever your personal struggle is around food, begin exploring why. If you overeat or emotionally eat, begin exploring the reasons why. When you begin to shine a light and heal in the other areas of your life that are screaming for attention, the coping mechanism of using food seems to disappear.
  3. When you caught yourself with the thoughts mentioned above, stop, and replace with what you do want your body to do.

Eating States  

Step Two: Get into the right state 

What if the most important part about weight loss is not WHAT you eat, but rather HOW you eat it? This concept can be life-changing when we fully understand that our eating experience plays a far bigger role in our health than the actual food we are eating.

Your body has to be in a relaxation response/parasympathetic state to absorb and use the nutrients you are eating- which it’s not when you are eating in a rush, in front of a TV or computer, or in the car. Eating in a rushed state or not paying attention when eating shuts down digestion leading to bloating, constipation, weight gain, low energy and no absorption of nutrients. You could be eating the healthiest food in the world, but if you are not in the right state, you won’t absorb the amazing nutrients you are eating.

I agree that hormonal imbalance and inflammation are the top contributors to weight issues. Most people that come to me are barely eating anything and yet still cannot lose weight.

That’s because the equation is not eating less move more! It’s more like change your beliefs, get your body in the right biochemical state when eating, and eat real organic food to activate your healing systems for digestion, assimilation, and the metabolic function you need! 

Then People say, well I need to balance my hormones so I can lose weight. Yes, that’s true. But WHY is your hormonal system jacked up? Because you are not in a healing/parasympathetic state enough! Start there.

Action Steps

  1. Get yourself in a parasympathetic state 3x a day. Morning, afternoon, and night. This will activate the healing systems of the body and balance your endocrine, immune, and digestive system. This will treat the inflammation and hormonal imbalance that is contributing to your weight gain. Read here with how to get into a parasympatic state.
  2. Get into a parasympathetic state before you eat!
    1. 5 Deep breathing before meals.
    2. Positive Emotional state when eating – really generates pleasure and joy and gratitude!
    3. CHEW. Seriously, Chew. This alone is more powerful than any digestive support out there.
    4. No liquids at meals as it dilutes enzymes.
    5. Use Digestive enzymes when eating out or eating a big meal.

Physical Body: Nutrition & Powerful Weightloss Strategies 

Step Three: Treat the physical body.

I saved this for last because you must focus on your thoughts and eating states first. I have had people who didn’t want to change the way they ate but began practicing what I mentioned above and the weight fell off.

That said, diet and a few practices can make you lose weight incredibly fast.

This is the weight loss equation I give to my clients based on the most current research of weight loss and antiaging.

Weight loss equation:

  1. Anti Inflammatory diet with micronutrient support.
  2. Intermittent fasting: going as long as you can between dinner and breakfast.
  3. Super Hydration: 20-32oz structured water first thing in the morning. Filtered water with ACV or lemon and a pinch of sea salt
  4. HIIT: HIIT workouts with resistance 3x a week. sprints, weights,
  5. PLEASURE! Daily mental and emotional states regulate metabolism and hormones.


  1. Become aware of your thoughts, stories, and beliefs around food. What are your thoughts each time you eat? What are your thoughts about your body? What are you telling your body to do?

  2. Activate body states: Your perception of life is dictating your body states your body states are dictating your life. Taking time to intentionally generate states of thankfulness, joy, and pleasure will heal more than anything else. Get into a parasympathetic state each time you eat to active digestion, assimilation, and metabolism.

  3. Treat your body: anti-inflammatory diet, HIIT, fasting, and super hydration for healthy, effective weight loss!

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