How I brainwash myself in Incredible Ways

How I brainwash myself in Incredible Ways

If you have been around my part of the internet for any amount of time, you may view me as that person who is anti-social media. It’s true that overall I see it as a huge time/energy/soul sucker however there is a way to use it to benefit you (and I’m not talking about growing a following so you can make money selling or promoting something).

Say this out loud: Your inputs shape your outlook.

The truth is, you are being brainwashed every single day with what you constantly consume and scroll through. It’s working on such a deep psychological level, crafting your perceptions and beliefs about the world.

Once you admit you are being brainwashed, you can take back control and brainwash yourself intentionally. That’s right, you can take advantage of what big tech is doing to you already and use it for good instead of evil. To help you instead of helping all of those advertisers that make money off of you.

Change Your Beliefs – Focused Content Consumption

I am deeply interested in learning how to reprogram my beliefs and subconscious patterns.

One time, I paid a lot of money for an app that allows you to create your own videos using pictures, videos, music, and words of what you want your beliefs to be. It plays incredibly fast so your brain takes in thousands of images and words in a short amount of time (bypassing the conscious, straight to the subconscious).

Do you know what else is doing that? All of those videos you are watching of people dancing or doing silly things, those influencers recommending everything, or anyone you follow on any platform that you tune into daily.

I wanted to use this to my advantage. Instead of throwing social media out the window completely, I only follow accounts that teach me about what I am interested in learning at any given time. That’s why if you look at my Instagram, I am always following less than 30 accounts, and they change often. Once I am done learning about something, I unfollow and follow accounts about a subject I want to learn about next.

Focused content consumption is an incredible way to learn and gain new skills fast. Instead of having inputs of hundreds of different things and people, pick one focus and consume information just about that. You learn something in a quarter of the time it would take with split attention.

Don’t consume, research.

That’s how my days go. Total focus on one area I want to get better in. I’ve done this so many times now in multiple areas and the results have been beyond profound in shifting the way I think and act.

I’ve brainwashed myself to think differently about my body, to have a better marriage, to change how I use my money, to have a home birth, and even to become quite proficient in Spanish.

I mean truly brainwashed. To the point my automatic beliefs shifted entirely.

The information you need is out there, you just need the focus.

Challenge of the Week


  • We consume more information in ONE day than people 400 years ago consumed in their ENTIRE LIVES.
  • Our consciousness needs to “digest” every single piece of input we are exposed to. Consume too much and you get (very) bloated. And sick.
  • Knowing what is happening in every friend you have ever met in life + countless other people’s lives you have never met is sucking your mind power. Your brain has to take the countless videos, pictures, emails, tweets, and stories you see every day, process them, and integrate them which drains your mental capacity for anything else.
  • A week of focused work or consumption will do more than a few weeks of scattered information intake.

Try this

  • What’s one area in your life that you want to master or learn about? Finances? Health? Relationships? Mental health? Communication? Business?
  • For a season, only follow accounts, podcasts, and books that inspire, encourage, and teach the behavior or mindset you want. Unfollow everything else. I mean everything and everyone. Friends, family, influencers and anyone else that does not fit in with that subject. So every time you open your phone to scroll (which you will still do) your mind is getting flooded ONLY with the subconscious programming you want that will change your behavior.


A simpler challenge is to do a clean sweep of all of your inputs. Unfollow as many people as possible to reduce the strain on your consciousness and notice the lightness you begin to feel.

Let me know below what area you want to grow in and what account you follow to help in that area! It will be great to have recommendations we all can see.

Whether a comment, a like, or a share—I’m grateful to have you along for the ride.

Find of the Week

I finally hit my limit! Of washing my stainless steel pans that everything sticks to so badly that is. I’ve been loving and saving so much time with this non-toxic non-stick pan. It’s worth it.

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