• Course Outline

    • Program Conscious Mind
      • Change Your Thoughts
      • Change Your Perception
    • Program Subconscious Mind
      • Subconscious Beliefs
    • Set Your Brains Filter
      • Your Brains Filter of Life
      • How to Set Your Filter
    • Get into a Healing State
      • Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic
    • Visualize / Imagine
      • What Happens When You Visualize
    • Generate Heart Emotions
    • Set Your Focus
    • Create Habits
    • Train Your Brain
      • Meditation
      • Whole Brain Synchronize

    This is the formula for success that has been proven time and time again. So often we try to do or have something before we have the mindset to handle it.

    You must learn to embody what you desire to be even when life does not reflect that back to you. If you want to be happy- decide to be happy now. Once you decide to BE happy NOW, and choose it despite your circumstances, you shift immediately into a positive chemical state. This state drives all of your actions and behaviors.

    Your identity cannot be tied to an external item- whether that be money, a relationship, an achievement, or a number on a scale- then your happiness is conditional. It will always to be linked to the fear of losing that thing.

    Most people live by HAVE-DO-BE: we cannot wait to have something to determine what we will be and feel. We need to BE and feel what we desire first which will determine what we have.

    Our external reality is a refection of our internal reality. This is true on a quantum physics level.


    I think often we desire a black and white answer of what we are supposed to do next in life…

    The ironic thing is that BEING comes before DOING. Every good tree yields good fruit- we need to grow healthy roots of what fruit we want to produce first.


    To BE we need to.

    1.  Determine what you are aiming to be: Examples: a happy, healthy person, making a difference in the world, deepening your relationship with God, finding what you should do next in your life etc.
    2.  How would that person feel, what actions would they take, how would they speak, act, and look?
    3. Do actions that correspond with that ( practicing gratitude, standing up strait, smiling, spending daily time seeking direction from God, researching, seeking help from others, setting daily goals ) Even if you do not feel like it.
    4. Feelings follow those actions.(these actions generate positive chemicals and change brain chemistry)
    5. Your identity will be created. Our identity is created by the thoughts we are thinking, and the actions we choose to take based on those thoughts.

    Your mental state is heavily dependent on your posture and movements. Standing with your shoulder back, hands in the air, and a smile heavily impacts your internal state. Slouching with your head low also impact you, in a very negative way.

    To love your body- decide to love your body now, not when you ‘get healthy’.  When you love and accept your body now, you shift out of a state of stress and struggle and into one of healing and change.

    To have abundance, you need to see and feel of the abundance you have now.

    We all have big questions, struggles, and confusion in life- but it is our day to day thoughts that we think, and little actions we choose to take that create our future. If we can just focus on doing the best you can today, everything else comes into place.