• Progress

  • Course Outline

    • Program Conscious Mind
      • Change Your Thoughts
      • Change Your Perception
    • Program Subconscious Mind
      • Subconscious Beliefs
    • Set Your Brains Filter
      • Your Brains Filter of Life
      • How to Set Your Filter
    • Get into a Healing State
      • Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic
    • Visualize / Imagine
      • What Happens When You Visualize
    • Generate Heart Emotions
    • Set Your Focus
    • Create Habits
    • Train Your Brain
      • Meditation
      • Whole Brain Synchronize
  • Mind Action

    Monthly: What is one healthy habit you can pick up, and one bad habit you can stop doing for the month? OR  What is one toxic mindset or thought you can wire out and one healthy thought and mindset you can wire in? Focus on this every day, for 30 day.

    Habits 101:

    • Master Physiology Fundamentals First Good Food, water, exercise, sleep, and meditation daily
    • Pick Your Keystone Habit: choose one habit that if you mastered it, it would have the biggest impact on your life. What is one thing you can do to change the most areas in your life. What is one thing that you could probably stop doing that would significantly change your life. Stop that replace that with something else
    • What is your why? Why are you making the positive choices that you are making? – focus on that and you will be able to handle any hard times that come with making the change. When you feel like giving up, return to your why.
    • Do it daily
    • Embrace the Process!
      • first 10 days are unbearable, next 10 days are uncomfortable, next ten days, you are unstoppable.
    •  Set Up Triggers
      • Without daily triggers, our well intended desires seem to disappear in the midst of daily activities. Set a timer on your phone that goes off 3x a day that reminds you to stop and remember your goal and what you are accomplishing.

    Body Action

    • Take at least 10 minutes today to do some kind of stretching. Flexibility is just as important as exercise. Stretching assists in correct posture, increases blood and nutrient supply to muscles, and keeps your body functional, even through old age. If you keep using your body, it will keep working!
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