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    • All Health Begins in the Gut

      The gut and your digestion is the foundation of your whole body’s health.

      • 80% of your immune system is located in the gut. Without a healthy gut, you can’t have a healthy immune system. Without a healthy immune system, you’re open to infections, inflammation, hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease.
      • More serotonin(happy brain chemical) is produced in the gut than in the brain. Many causes of depression and anxiety are a result of gut issues.
      • Your gut interacts with the outside world more than any other part of your body, taking in nutrients from food and keeping out bacteria, pathogens, and undigested food.

      So many of the diseases and issues going on with people today are cause by leaky gut or intestinal permeability. This is when we have small holes in our digestive system that allow food and other unwanted toxins loose into our blood stream.

      Signs of leaky gut:

      In this day and age, almost all of us have some degree of leaky gut because of the water(chlorine, fluoride, antibiotics), food(GMOs, pesticides), and environmental toxins(heavy metals, parasites) we are exposed to.

      Two Important Keys to Health

      1. How you digest and absorb your food.
      2. The bacteria that make up your microbiome and digestive system. (they out number your cells 10:1!) You want to have a diverse balance of good bacteria and make sure the bad bacteria, parasites, and yeasts are kept in check.

      With a strong and sealed gut, you are protected against toxins and bacteria that you may be ingesting and not be affected by it unlike someone with a leaky gut.

      Causes of Leaky Gut

      • Inflammatory foods- sugar, vegetable oils, gluten, GMOS
      • Gut inflections: parasites, SIBO, candida
      • Medications: antibiotics, birth control, acid blocking drugs etc.
      • Stress: emotional and physical
      • Radiation

      Take Away

      That said, we need to be giving our guts some love on a daily basis to keep or fix our health and really thrive!

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