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      What you believe about yourself, the world, and your circumstances determines what you experience.

      What limits us most is our beliefs of what is possible. The world occurs to you in the way you believe it to be, and your experiences are always consistent with your assumptions.

      What you believe you will see.

      You create what you expect and you become what you believe yourself to be.

      • People thought it was impossible to run a 4-minute mile until 1 person did it- after that, people knew it was possible and started doing it all over.
      • People think it is impossible to have a painless childbirth- but there are women all over the world who are!
      • The THOUSANDS of studies about the placebo effect have shown people healed from taking what they BELIEVED to be a drug or surgery that would heal them… even though it was a fake surgery or sugar pill!
      • Our body response to the beliefs we have.  If you believe you are successful, you will be. If you believe childbirth is painful, it will be. If you believe you do not have enough, you won’t.

      Your anticipation of an experience creates the experience! i. e this is going to heal me —> it does!

      Not only does our body respond to our beliefs, so does our life. We suffer most from our anticipations and limit ourselves most by our assumptions.

      What assumptions are you making about what other people think? About what you can accomplish each day? About what you can/cannot do?

      What are you worried about and anticipating that you do not want to happen? Around money, relationships, health. . .

      Question you anticipations and your assumptions every day and in every situation you enter. You are always going to assume and anticipate something, take time to choose good assumptions of people and anticipate the best happening-  this is what creates it in reality!

      Because your experiences are always consistent with your theories, what you believe will show. You are always teaching others how to respond to you by what you believe about yourself.

      I AM. . . .the two most important words for what you put after them shapes your reality. . . .

      I know my thoughts and feelings always have an effect on my relationships and everyone around me, whether my thoughts or feelings are verbalized, expressed, or not.

      I take time each day to create beliefs and expectations of the reality I am called to live in. I question my assumptions, and strengthen my faith by imaging and generating the feeling of gratitude as if my prayers have already happened while visualizing what it would look and feel like.

      I am successful. I am favored. I am loved.