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      Supplements & Where to Buy

      You do not need to buy any or all of these supplements. Diet, mind, and movement are huge and will make a dramatic difference in your health. However, it is powerful to add the following into your 5-day diet detox.

      You can buy these at whole foods, natural grocers, and some you may need search and get online through amazon or the brands website directly.

      I recommend these supplements because I trust and have tested their quality. Most supplements on the health food store do more harm than good to the body. If you have questions, feel free to email me.



      vitality-powder-big1. Fish Oil: Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil OR Nortic Naturals Fish Oil (Health Food Store)

      2. Probiotic:

      3. Greens Powder:

      4. Protein powder options:


      Food supplements:

      • Fermented Foods: Make own or buy in store: Make sure it says RAW and is in the refrigerator section.
      • Detox tea Yogi detox teas, any kind (health food store)inner-eco-original-coconut-water-kefir-15-oz
      • Chia or flax seeds
      • Coconut water kefir Inner-Eco (health food store)