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      • Your body needs certain nutrients to heal from any imbalance or disease and to stay in health.
      • If you do not give our body the building blocks it needs, it will not run how it is designed to.
      • Your body needs a healing, anti-inflammatory diet to have energy, brain function, balanced hormones, and stable moods.
      • What you eat is either harming your body, or healing it.


      Think about what you typically eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. . . .Are they balanced meals? Do they include tons of vegetables? Do they include enough healthy fat to keep you satiated, fuel your brain, and balance hormones? Are they full of mostly  sugar and carbohydrates?


      1 . Today, print off the following:

        •  Healthy food shopping list


      • Healing Food and Toxic Food Lists


      Stock Your Healing Foods Kitchen:

      • Do a clean sweep of your kitchen- get rid of as many foods as you can from the ‘toxic food list”
      • Put these lists on your fridge and take them with you on your next shopping trip. Get all of the healthy living food staples and stock up your kitchen with the foods that bring your body to life!

      2. Today- at breakfast, lunch, and dinner-

      • Make 1/2 your plate vegetables
      • A palm size of protein
      • 1/2 avocado or 1-2 tablespoons healthy fat (coconut oil, almond butter, butter, olive oil)
      • Palm size of complex carbohydrate such as sweet potato, squash, or quinoa

      Write  your answers in your guidebook, and then mark this lesson COMPLETE when you finish your checklist for the day.

      You download your guidebook here:  Health-Transformation-Guide-Final1.pdf

      Amazing job entering into the journey!