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    • Supplements are a very tricky area of health. They can be your best friend or worse enemy. Many people buy cheap supplements that they think they need, but are actually causing more harm than good to their body. A word of caution, most of the products on the market today are not beneficial. They are usually made from synthetic substances the body cannot use and actually has to detoxify from. Others are created from poor sources and are in a form that the body does not absorb or use the nutrients. Worst of all, many supplements on the market are probably robbing your body of the valuable nutrients it does have.

      On the other hand, there are supplements out there that can seriously impact your health, energy, skin health, weight, and mood. On top of that, the food we are eating these days is so depleted of nutrients that we almost need to supplement in one way or another to provide the body with each valuable nutrient it needs to be thriving.

      While I truly believe it is best to get tested to see what exactly your body needs, there are a few supplements that could make a wonderful impact on your health and provide valuable nutrients that every beautiful body needs.

      The best suggestion I have is going to a professional for product recommendations. Shoot me a message if you are interested in companies I trust and recommend.

      Starter Supplement List:

      If you are just starting out, getting on a liquid mineral supplement, fish oil, and probiotic is a great place to start!

      1. Liquid Minerals: Body Ecology earth minerals or OmniBlue ocean minerals are the most powerful I have found(support every function in the body)
      2. Therapeutic Cod Liver Oil (hormone, skin health, brain, mood, energy)
      3. Vitamin D3 with K2 (liquid) (hormone, brain, mood, energy)
      4. Probiotic Liquids or Pill (microbiome, immune, and gut health)
      5. Collagen (microbiome and gut health)
      6. Greens Powders (detoxification, vitamins, minerals, alkalizing the body )
      7. Apple cider vinegar (detoxification, enzymes, probiotics, helps gut/digestion, ,alkalizing the body )
      8. Magnesium Lotion or Spray- 300mg a day

      heal the gut (3)