• When our body has a toxin overload- PMS, disease, sleep issues, low energy, depression, skin, and digestive issues arise.
  • When need to be cleaning out all of the toxins we accumulate through the day by doing mini cleansing techniques to support the liver.
  • Eat tons of vegetables, drink at least 70oz of water each day, move and deep breathe every day to activate all channels of elimination.
  • Avoid toxic personal care products, vegetable oils, sugar, and processed foods.
  • Less toxic body and liver = abundant energy, clear skin, smooth digestion, balanced hormones, and positive moods.


Have you taken the time to detoxify the body, even just 3-5 days, once a year? What are some detoxification techniques that you would like to try? Ideas. . .

Action Step

Today- activate all pathways of your detoxification systems (skin, urine, bowls, lungs, ) by:

  1. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water – 20-30oz first thing in the morning
  2. Eat vegetables at every meal today. Have 1 meal full of liver supporting veggies and fiber (smoothie with veggies and flax seed, salad with cauliflower, greens, avocado). The fiber will clear out toxic build up and encourage bowl movements. It also creates hormonal balance by clearing our excess estrogen ( the main cause of PMS)
  3. Exercise to stimulate lymphatic system and sweat out toxins and breathe deep.

Write  your answers in your guidebook, and then mark this lesson COMPLETE when you finish your checklist for the day.

Download book here:  Health-Transformation-Guide-Final1.pdf

LAST DAY! Your journey is almost complete- changing the way you eat, move, and think!

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