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      • The bacteria in your body control detoxification, protect from viruses and disease, calm inflammation, and even aid in weight loss and hormonal balance.
      • We need to be consuming healthy bacterian by eating fermented foods and taking probiotics.
      • We need to stop doing things that kill our healthy bacteria with antibiotics, chemical soaps, and toxic foods like sugar and vegetable oils.
      • The chemicals that are in most of our personal care products are illegal in other countries because they have been proven to be carcinogens(cancer causing) neurotoxins (killing brain cells) and hormone disruptors.
      • These chemicals get absorbed into our blood and cells
      • Woman especially need to pay attention to these chemicals as they cause hormone imbalances and estrogen dominance which is the leading cause of PMS, skin issues, bloating, food cravings, and low energy. These chemicals also get passed through the womb down to the child.


      What is one thing you can start doing every day to take care of your microbiome? Take some time to look at the ingredients in all of the personal care products you use. Have you ever researched the effects of fluoride, parabens, fragrances: phthalates, and triclosan?

      Action Step

      Today, nourish and rejuvenate your microbiome by:

        1. Consuming probiotic foods or supplements
        2. Avoiding sugar and vegetable oils- read labels
        3. Eat 1 meal full of all different kinds of vegetables as prebiotics that are feeding and growing the probiotics you just consumed. (large salad, veggie smoothie, stirfry)

      Today, check to see if the products you use contain these top 9 toxic ingredients? (most do)


        • shampoo
        • lotions
        • make up
        • toothpaste
        • deodorant

      Write  your answers in your guidebook, and then mark this lesson COMPLETE when you finish your checklist for the day.

      Download book here:  Health-Transformation-Guide-Final1.pdf

      Your body is incredible- it can change so fast when doing these action steps- great work!