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      • Sleep is where you actual build the muscle from when you worked out- you get stronger in your sleep!
      • Sleep is where you build memory from what you learned in the day – get smarter in your sleep!
      • Sleep balances the hormonal and immune systems.
      • Exercise, light exposure, and sleep routines help enter into deep sleep.


      • How are you entering into sleep? Do you go straight from tv and computer to bed? Do you go straight from working to bed? What is one thing you can start doing to get a better night sleep?

      Action Step

      Tonight, give yourself a night time routine to enter into deep sleep.

      • Give yourself at least 20 minutes of no screens before bed tonight.
      • Set up your room- making it dark, cool, and electronics on airplane mode.
      • In that 20 minutes- do something that relaxes you. Pray, take a bath, stretch, read.

      Write  your answers in your guidebook, and then mark this lesson COMPLETE when you finish your checklist for the day.

      Download here:  Health-Transformation-Guide-Final1.pdf

      Almost to the finish line, I am so happy you are doing this!