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    • Build Habits to Create Change


      Now you know the 7 most important steps to a healthy body.

      You also have 7 action steps that show you how to apply each of them to your life.

      Over this week you have:

      1. Done a clean sweep of your kitchen
      2. Bought foods that support and heal your gut (and entire body)
      3. Checked your personal care products for toxic ingredients
      4. Set up a work out routine
      5. Created a sleep routine
      6. Filled your body with healthy and healing bacteria

      Now, take it one step at a time until it becomes a habit

      Example: For one whole week, focus on just one of the 7 steps of body health, and apply that action step every day.

      Example: take step one, and apply that action step every day: so you would eat balanced meals every day for one week. The next week you would take section two action step,( consuming probiotics and eating in a relaxed state) and do it every day for a week.

      Before you know it, living a healthy lifestyle will become a habit, and something you do automatically without thinking about it.

      Bonus Resources

      Take advantage of the bonus resources:

      1. Print out the supplement guide and consider purchasing a few of the suggestions to begin taking daily.
      2. Print of daily lifestyle checklist and put it somewhere you can see daily as a blueprint to follow each day without having to think about it.
      3. Check out the 14 day cleanse outline.
      4. Set up your healthy kitchen and stock up on healing foods.

      Conclusion of Body Fundamentals

      1. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet full of healing foods, clean water, and avoiding toxic foods to ensure your body is getting the nutrients and building blocks it needs to stay in health and reverse disease.
      2. All health begins in the gut. Taking care of your gut and optimizing your digestion is essential to improve any health condition, and keep your body in health until death.
      3. Avoid toxic personal care and cleaning products. These chemicals get in the blood, and pass down from generation to generation.
      4. Practice movement throughout the day, and exercise/strength training a few days a week.
      5. Set your body up each night to get deep, restorative sleep which heals, repairs, and strengthens both the body and mind each night.
      6. Take care of your microbiome by avoiding toxic foods and personal care products and intentionally consuming fermented food and beverages daily.