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      In our world today. . .we are completely destroying our microbiome-  we over use antibiotics, medications, and sanitizers, c- sections are becoming the normal operation, and we are paying for it.

      Establishing a strong microbiome when we are young is what sets us up for health for life. We get our first exposure when we are coming out of the vaginal canal, our environment builds our protection.

      If you are not exposed to all types of bacteria- you will not build a strong system. This is why kids that grow up with animals have a stronger immune system then kids without.

      The more healthy bacteria you consume, and the more you do to take care of that bacteria, the healthier you will be. Even though our intentions were in the right place sterilizing everything, and giving out antibiotics like candy – it has made our immune system weaker than any other time in history.

      Things like antibiotics, medications, and toxic food kills the healthy bacteria that protect you from the bad bacteria.

      When people are put on antibiotics, their microbiome gets completely destroyed, leaving them extremely vulnerable and open for infection in the future, and reoccurring illness.

      If you have been on antibiotics, eat processed and fast food, or take the birth control pill, your microbiome needs extra care.

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