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      Food Quality

      The most important aspect of food and water is the quality of it.

      Farm raised animal products, GMOS, pesticides, and processed foods cause imbalances, inflammation, and disease.

      These toxins in our food and the plastics and chemicals in our water- are causing hormone imbalances, digestive problems, depression, inflammation, and break down of the body. They also poke holes in your digestive track- letting food and bacteria enter into your blood stream, these chemicals then get stored up in your body and burden your liver.

      Consuming non organic food and tap water year after year begins to accumulate and take a toll on the body, where signs and symptoms begin to manifest.

      Nothing happens overnight, it is the accumulation of things that build up and either heal the body, or destroy it.

      Sticking to an organic, whole foods diet- limiting all sugar intake. and drinking only filter water is one of the biggest steps you can take for a healthier body and mind.