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    • We are living in a world filled with food, air, and water toxins, it is impossible to escape them all. We do not have control over most of our external environment, but we do have control over:

      1. What cleaning products we use
      2. What products we put on our skin and hair
      3. The food we eat
      4. The water we drink

      If you control these areas, your hormones will flow in harmony.

      Personal Care Products

      The cleaning products we use and the personal care products we put on our skin matter.

      Toxic Chemicals that are illegal to put in food are the main ingredients in almost all main stream personal care products. The truth is, it is more dangerous to put these ingredients on your skin than it is to physically eat the chemicals because anything you put on your skin is directly absorbed into your blood stream in 26 seconds. It does not go through your liver or kidneys to filter the toxins like food does. Your body has no defense.

      Certain ingredients that are in shampoos, lotions, deodorants etc, can alter hormonal chemistry– causing major hormonal disruption. This can impact fertility, lead to early menopause and influence things like mood, length and PMS, and breast cancer.

      The more chemical filled cleaning and personal care products you use, the harder your liver and body has to work at protecting you and detoxing you from them- leaving little time to heal and repair.

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