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      1. First thing every morning and right before bed, think of at least 3 things you are grateful for and really sit in that feeling as long as you can.

      The states that our brain is in every morning and night are the most powerful times to set your filter. If you are stressed at these times, thinking of problems and worry, your brain will be seeking that out all day. If you do not train your brain to take in the good, then you will take in what you already have programmed, and for most of us- that is negative thoughts and criticism.



      Exercising or doing some kind of movement on an empty stomach speeds up your metabolic rate for the entire day!

      2. Today, take a minute before each workout to give thanks for a healthy body and the opportunity                to take care of it through movement. See exercise as taking time to nourish your body instead of                      punishing it. This balances all systems in the body, increases your immune system, and produces                     healing neurotransmitters in the body.