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    • You are either running on autopilot, or creating your identity.

      Live an Intentional Lifestyle

      • After setting our habits and goals, we then need to set up a daily practice to carry them out. Without intentionally making a plan, our goals, wishes, and desires soon fade away.
      • We can accomplish anything we desire, we just need to be intentional about setting things up each day to remind us and make it happen.

      Morning Routine

      How you start your day has a dramatic impact on your life.  Starting your day by intentionally programming and priming the mind and body is life changing.
      1. In the morning, your brain is in a state waiting to be programmed on what to focus on for the day.
      2. Getting your mind and body in a healing state first thing in the morning sets the stage for the rest of the day.
      3. People with intentional morning routines are more productive, peaceful, healthy, and successful.

      Morning Routine Example

      1. Morning water and supplements
      2. Think or write down 3 things you are grateful for
      3. A few deep breaths and prayers
      4. Visualizing what you do want to happen in your life and how it would feel.
      5. Some kind of reading/podcast- Bible, devotional, book, or podcast- something that inspires you to grow and focuses your mind on what you do want to become.
      6. Some kind of movement- stretching, walking, or more of an intense workout

      This does not have to take an hour, even if you just have a few minutes, doing something to prime your mind and body for the day will make a huge difference in your life.

      Daily Rituals

      The more times a day you can set apart to refocus the mind and do things that nourish your body, the more you are programming your brain to become and do those things automatically, making them apart of your identity.

      Although it may seem obvious – our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts and habits.

      Setting up certain things you do each day allow you to create times of habit that refocus and reprogram your mind and body.

      • Examples:
        • Having a morning routine
        • Having a night routine
        • Taking a few minutes to refocus your mind before lunch.
        • Praying before each meal.
        • Setting a timer to go off 3x a day with reminders of what you want your mind to be focusing on like what you are grateful for, what habit you are picking up and your why behind it, what you want in life etc.

      Action Step

      Write down a morning routine and do it every day for 1 month.