• Progress

  • Course Outline

    • Amazing job! You have given your body and mind a true gift.

      Moving forward:

      1. Print and use the shopping lists in the next section to shop for food each week and continue to eat as much non-processed food as possible.
      2. Print and use the ‘Daily Lifestyle’ sheet as a guideline for practices that create a healthy body and mind.
      3. Print and begin your 30-day journal journey for mind and body.

      Mind Recap

      • You know that your thoughts are creating your life and your body.
      • You control what meaning you are giving to every situation in your life, which is the signal to how your body and brain respond to the situation.
      • You choose what you want to FOCUS on- that focus creates your perception of life.
      • Visualizing creates pathways in the brain as if it were true. Visualizing enhances faith, prayer, and the body.
      • Creating habits allows you to program in mindsets and actions of the person you want to be so they become your natural response, without having to think about it.