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  • Course Outline

    • The goal is to begin cooking without having to spend a bunch of time or effort planning everything out.

      If you want to keep it super simple- this is the best template I have found- with so many options!

      Breakfast: smoothie

      Lunch: salad

      Dinner: stir-fry

      Load all of these meals with veggies, greens, proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs.


      Protein Smoothie

      Eggs- Nourishing Scramble

      Homemade Granola

      Chia Seed Bowl


      Keep it simple-

      1. Leftover Dinner 
      2. Stir-fry: Sautéed veggies and greens in coconut oil or butter topped with protein of choice and avocado, side of complex carb
      • Example: Eggs, spinach, and zucchini sautéed in butter or coconut oil topped with coconut oil, side of sweet potato fries- flavor with sea salt, spices, hot sauce, stone ground mustard, etc.

           3. Salad topped with veggies, protein, side of complex carb.

      • Example: Greens topped with glazed salmon, carrots, avocado or nuts, and quinoa- dressing of olive oil, balsamic, and stone ground mustard.


      If you have a theme for each night, and keep it the same every week, it will make grocery shopping and planning so much easier! Plus there are so many variations each time.

      Monday: Salad Night 

      Big Huge Salads with protein, avocado, quinoa or sweet potato slices,

      Tuesday: Taco Night 

      Protein of choice, guacamole, salsa, wrapped in lettuce or collard greens, side of kale chips and baked plantain chips or quinoa

      Wednesday: Soup Night 

      Creamy curry, chicken tortilla soup, chili– full of mixed veggies, protein, butter/coconut oil, root veggies: sweet potato, squash, carrots.

      Thursday: Fish Night 

      Fish, cinnamon baked acorn squash, cauliflower/veggie of choice- added butter/coconut oil/olive oil

      Friday: Burger Night 

      Beef/buffalo/lamb/elk bun-less burgers topped with guacamole, sautéed spinach in coconut oil or butter, side of sweet potato fries

      Healing Foods to Mix and Match

      Protein: Beef, buffalo, elk, lamb, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, tempeh

      Veggie/greens: All greens(spinach, arugula, kale, etc) all veggies( cauliflower, zucchini, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, etc)

      Healing Fat: Coconut oil, coconut, avocado, butter or ghee, olives and olive oil, avocado oil.

      Complex Carb: Quinoa, sweet potatoes, all squashes, plantains, casava (great for breads, tortillas etc.)