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    • Take a second to think about what you believe about your health and body. . .

      Do you believe it can spontaneously heal? Do you believe you don’t have to live with the condition you have for your whole life?

      One thing I have seen over and over again . . .You create what you expect and you become what you believe yourself to be.

      What you believe you will see, what you say you will experience. . .

      The placebo effect is real, whether you are intentionally using it or not.

      Thousands of studies have proven the placebo is so powerful that even experts are surprised about the mind’s effect on reality.

      People taking only sugar pills have dramatically increased their energy and focus because they thought they were taking high dose vitamins and caffeine, anxiety gone because they thought they were taking anti-anxiety pills, hair has fallen out because they thought they were taking chemo, long-term injuries healed because they thought they were getting a cutting edge surgery, and dramatic weight loss because of a ‘pill’ they were told would make them lose weight.

      To have some fun, I experimented with the placebo with myself and my clients. Whatever supplement I took or told them to take, I emphasized the benefits and told them what to expect. Even when I knew the truth, I literally started feeling what I was saying, and so did everyone else.

      Your body has its own internal pharmacy- when you believe you are taking something that is going to change you (like improve your mood or make you lose weight), your body begins to make the chemicals to do just that. It’s astonishing to realize how much of our results are actually because our thoughts, not the pill.

      What you believe you will see.

      You can use your thoughts and expectations to change your how you feel and heal. Perhaps the most important part of healing is not what supplement or practice you are doing, but rather your thoughts about what it is going to do for you. . . .

      Your body reacts based off the story you are telling yourself. Constantly saying you have a thyroid problem, low progesterone, a digestive disorder, slow metabolism, adrenal fatigue, etc. is literally programming your body to create just that. Saying you are tired, anxious, and stressed literally begins the program in your body to create the conditions to make you tired, anxious, and stressed. . .

      You are always making up a story about what is going on with your health. . . are you telling one you like to live in?

      Let this crazy fact sink in:

      It is not stress or our circumstances itself that create health and mental problems, it is your perception and thoughts about them that is the signal to your body!

      Two people can go through the exact same stressful situation but if one views the stress as good – it will not negatively harm their body- if one sees it as bad – it will physically harm the body.

      Meaning, how you perceive and react to life determines if your body stays healthy or not. . .

      This is called perceived stress which is why some people suffer more because they are perceiving what they are going through as stressful and negative.

      If we can change our perception of life, the body begins to change.

      I promise, with intense focus on shifting your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, you will begin to notice that your body follows suit.