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    • We all get triggered by different situations based on what is in our subconscious.

      • Uncomfortable situations may cause you to get defensive, angry, overeat, drink, smoke, or distract with social media or TV- we do this to make that feeling go away, the problem is, when we do this, we strengthen the problem even more.
      • We also get triggered by our life circumstances-leading to worry, fear, or depression.
      • And of course there are those little triggers like getting cut off in traffic, people not doing what they said they would do etc.

      All of these situations put us in the fear zone- where our body systems shuts down.

      The GREAT news it, if you react to triggers in an unhealthy way (we all do to some extent) you can reprogram you new automatic response!

      We all get triggered, all of the time- but now, we need to become AWARE of it! It is only when we are aware that we are triggered that we have the power to change our automatic reaction.

      We need to train our brains

      • To respond instead of react.
      • To see each symptom and behavior as sign of something in our life that needs to be shifted.
      • To see each point of offense as a point of opportunity. When you get offended- see it as an opportunity to demonstrate love, growth, courage- instead of anger, worry, and defensiveness.

      The more we make these shifts, the more the physical neural pathways in our brain begin to change and shape our automatic responses to life to what we want them to be vs what they are now.