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      Prayer and Focused Thinking

      The hardest part of change is taking the time to do it.

      • Creation of the new and change happen when your inside world becomes more real than the outside world. When we can practice forgetting about our environment, time, and our body- we are able to hear more clearly and create a new life with the Holy Spirit.
      • Our mind and body must align for change to occur. When mind and body align, thoughts(mind) + emotions(body)- that is when change in your physical brain and genes begins to take place.
      • In other words: every morning, focus on God, and think about the change you do want to happen, and how that change would feel. We do not need to experience the event to generate the emotion for it.
      • A person can form an entire new identity by changing their brain- when they visualize and feel the emotions of the person they want to be, they are changing their brain and genes to align with that- their subcontious believes that they are a new person, so they are healed because that disease was the old person.
      • When we get clear on what we really want- focus on it, allow yourself to emotional embrace it- pray to God and ask for it to happen- and allow him to make it happen the way he wants- then live without analyzing how it is going to happen.
      • We need to be able to think greater than we feel. And choice despite our feelings.

      * AFI not FAI
      * TOOL: Imagine what you want to feel, look like, accomplish, and what you pray for.