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    • We know our health is determined based on our ability to stay in a positive chemical state- no matter what is going on around us.

      We are either operating out of fear(worry, anger, lack, criticism) or faith (love, hope, optimism) and it is not OUR CIRCUMSTANCES that effect us but rather OUR THOUGHTS about what we are experiencing is what determines what state we are in.

      Emotional intelligence

      Emotional intelligence is out ability to recover after we get triggered by a negative emotion. This is a skill, just like everything else. The more you practice getting into a healing state after becoming triggered, the faster and easier it will become in the future. Make it a game- when you get knocked off, see how fast you can get back on.

      The goal is to stay connected to the creator, to focused on what is important, and to be aware of your thoughts each day. This takes consent check-ins throughout the day to get off autopilot. Try doing a check in in the morning, before lunch, and before bed.


      Do this morning and night, or when you get triggered: the 3 Rs

      1.  Reconnect:
        1.  Stop- become aware: Take a few slow breathes and become aware of what you are feeling in your body. Step outside to observe your thinking. What are you feeling? Why are you feeling it?
        2. Breathe. Connect with God. Surrender everything to him.
        3. Ask better questions! Holy spirit, what do you think about this? How do you see this? How do you want me to see this? What should I do today?
      2. Reframe:
        1. What is going on in your life that you can look at differently? What poison can you take and make it your medicine?
        2. What do you want? How do you want to feel? What would it be like if ____ happened?
      3. Refocus:
        1. On eternity, the only thing that matters. What we do here is only training for there- where we will live in utter BLISS, FOREVER.
        2. Focus on 3 things you are so grateful for. Breathe deep and think and feel these things.
        3. What is one small thing you can do next? Do not try to think of the big plan, but the small steps to take today that would move you forward.
      4. Move
        1. You can use your body to physically shift your energy, emotions, and state of mind.
        2. Shake, dance, run, stretch
        3. Power pose- you can use your body to change your state of mind smiling, sitting up straight, throwing your hands in the air like you have just run a race, all creates hormones and neurotransmitter needed to shift your mind and emotions.
        4. Trying looking up and smiling as hard as you can for 30 seconds- you can’t be depressed while doing that!