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    • Think of it like this . .


      From the physical view: The physical assumes the world like a big clock that runs on its own. Although I can learn a lot about how the clock works by taking it apart and studying its parts, springs, and gears – me looking at the clock to see what time it is will never affect how the clock tics. In other words, if it is 2pm, unless I change the dials, the clock will not say 10pm because I want it to. Whatever happens, happens and I have no impact on how it happens.

      Looking at the world from a quantum view: If I looked at the clock, it just may tell me the time based on what I expect it to be. So if I want it to be 10pm, there would be a great probability that when I looked at my quantum clock, it would tell me it is 10pm because that is what I expect to be.


      So in life, some believe that they can think and say whatever they feel and whatever is going to happen in their life will happen, like they have no choice about it.


      Others are starting to see that their thoughts and words can change the outcome of their life, and begin to use them intentionally.


      In the quantum world, there are infinite possibilities, and we are active players in which possibility comes to life.


      As Dr. Caroline Leaf says: “The basic ingredients to quantum physics are paying attention, thinking and choosing, and consequence. This is called the observer effect: The observer determines the direction in which the possibilities may collapse. In the quantum universe, we the observers, affect space, time, and we turn possibilities into realities. Mind changes matter.”

      Satan, the father of lies will come out you with a thousand negative probabilities, but probabilities have no power. It only becomes powerful when you believe the lie and collapse the probability into an actuality.


      I affect things. I contribute constantly. This discovery affords believers that we are meaningful players in the world, unavoidably. The truth is that every thought you have ever had, every emotion you have ever felt, every expectation hope or fear….. has been impacting the particles around you. God has designed humans to be contributors.

      God doesn’t tell us to ‘think on these that are true, honest, lovely, pure. . ‘ and to not worry about anything’ just for fun.


      It’s like he is saying . . .With every thought you think, with every emotion you feel, you are impacting reality. Do it well!

      We can choose how we impact reality – we can use our focus, thoughts, and emotions to serve ourselves, or set others free. When we meet Jesus face to face, we will give an account how we used our thoughts, actions, and emotions to impact the world. No matter what you are doing every day, you are always thinking and feeling which is always impacting something.


      There is more to our part in prayer than simply just requesting with words. Our part is to join him bring it about. Once I have brought my request before the Lord, I need to take the next step. I need to join him creatively in the answer through generating thought and emotion to create the frequency that matches the request.


      Some of us have lived like the only part in bringing things about is to beg him. There is nothing wrong with bringing a longing before God, we are called to do that- but we are not to stop there.


      It’s like faith is an energy force that affects the vibration realm and can cause things to be brought from the invisible realm into the visible. Faith is an unseen force. It is not matter, but it creates matter and actually becomes matter.


      Think of it as Your feeling is the prayer. We are told to pray without ceasing and always give thanks. You are always thinking and feeling something. Each moment is a prayer because your thoughts and emotions are affecting everything around you.


      If you need healing, see, feel, and believe healing. Generate the feeling of gratitude as if it were done. Praying for family? See them and generate the feeling of love and gratitude as if what you are praying for them is done. See them in their best state (healed, living on purpose, mentally and physically well and joyful).


      That’s our part. It more than offering up words. It’s then living in a state every minute that allows that to happen.


      ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of what is not yet seen’.


      ‘Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.’


      ‘If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you’.


      When we tune out of the physical world and dive into the world unseen, imagine our prayers, step into the reality of them, seeing what they would look like, feeling what it would feel like, living like we would live like, and perceiving people in their perfection, we allow God’s perfect will to happen. Sometimes, it doesn’t look like what how we were thinking, and sometimes it does,  but our part is seeing how he sees, then He does what is best, and we can trust that.


      Having daily conversations with Him, hearing what He wants you to do, letting the Holy Spirit lead, and doing HIS will, not your own will open the doors that only you were destined to walk through.