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    • How was Your Subconscious Programmed?

      • It is programmed based on each thought, action, emotion, and experience we have ever had in life.
      • Most of your “programs or beliefs” were put into you between the ages of 0 and 7 years old that set the filter on how you see life.

      What is Programmed in Your Subconscious?

      These “programs or beliefs” is your personality. They are your habits, reactions, emotions you express most often, and beliefs we have that we do or think automatically.

      You may have a ‘program or belief’ (way of thinking, or bad habit) that has become something your do unconsciously and drives you each day and could possibly be holding you back in certain areas of your life.

      You may have personality traits or mindsets that have become automatic for you. Seeing lack? Negativity? Selfishness? Anxiety? Lack of confidence? The amazing news is, once we realize that these are all just learned and memorized emotions, they can all be changed!

      What Beliefs are Holding You Back?

      Where is one area you feel stuck?

      What is one mindset you keep going back to?

      What area of life do you view negatively?

      What bad habit can you not stop?

      What health issue are your struggling with?




      Memorized Emotions

      • Your personal reality is created by your personality. Personality is the way you think, feel, and what you do most often. Most of these traits are habits and emotions that you have memorized throughout your life.
      • To change your reality, you need to change the emotions that you express most. There has to be an energy exchange that needs to take place. Once you exchange emotions of fear to faith then dramatic change occurs.
      • You may have certain thoughts, mindsets, and habits that make up the old you and keep you in the same patterns- you can unlearn those habits and mindsets, and relearn truth.
      • Each thought that you think and emotion that you feel creates hormones and brain chemicals- the more you think a certain thought- the more your body creates chemicals to match that thought and  the more your cells create receptors for that emotion and kill off the ones that are not being used. The ones you use multiply, the ones you neglect die off. So if you are practicing anxiety, worry, anger, lack, etc- you are changing your brain chemistry to produce more of that.
      • The great news is, you can memorize any emotion you want and create amazing chemicals and hormones and receptors that multiple like: Love(for God, and others) , joy(anticipation for eternity), gratitude(for the abundance that is all around). These can become your default. It just takes practice.