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    • I believe God has reveled to us just a glimpse into the quantum world to show us his immeasurable power and that by this power we can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine. Eph 3:20

      The possibilities are endless- we just have to partner with God to create. Creating means offering your emotions, thoughts, and words to God- knowing they are making an impact on reality- and allowing his power manifest.

      “And can you teach your body emotionally what it would feel like to believe in this way . . . to be empowered . . . to be moved by your own greatness . . . to be invincible . . . to have courage . . . to be in love with life . . . to feel unlimited . . . to live as if your prayers are already answered? . . .”

      The Solution to Lack of Faith and Disbelief

      • Emotions are real, we all want to feel good, but sometimes we can’t. We want to see good in ourselves, but the reality is we don’t.
      • What is the solution to things we want to believe but don’t and feeling how we want to feel but don’t? Visualization.
      • When you visualize, you are physically creating pathways in your brain as if you actually were doing it.
      • Studies show that the part of your brain that gets activated by thinking about an action is the same part of the brain that gets activated when you are actually doing the action.
      • So even if you do not BELIEVE something in yourself- you can still visulize it, and it begins to rewire your brain to make it true.
      • When praying, even if you do not fully believe what you are praying- but visulize it anyway- your thoughts do carry weight- the effect matter around you- they cannot not do anything.

      Grow Your Faith

      Faith means using our thoughts, emotions, and words in a powerful way. Knowing that each thought, word, and emotion is effecting particles all around us.

      This is where visualization comes in. Visualization/imagination is the creator of your faith. When you imagine- you are tapping into and creating “what is not seen” to make it seen. When praying for healing, for your future, for a loved one, visulizing it, feeling the emotion as if it happened, and speaking life truly does change and create matter.

      We have to formulate what we want, and be so concentrated on it, and so focused on it, and have so much of our awareness on it, that we lose track of ourselves. We lose track of time. We lose track of our identity. And the moment we become so involved in that experience, that we will lose track of ourselves, we lose track of time, that picture is the only picture that is real, and everybody’s had that experience when they’ve made up their mind that they’ve wanted something. That’s Quantum Physics. That’s Manifesting Reality. That’s The Observer To The Full Effect.




      Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

      Visualization and Quantum Physics

      God in his longing for partnership has afforded me effect. The quantum particles respond to my thoughts. He allows my every thought and emotion to have weight, to make an impact. Not only no we have authentic free will,  am also a co-reigner in it, not just a responder.

      Let me be VERY CLEAR- I am not suggesting equality to God, but ALLOWANCE only. He longs for a relationship with us, a partnership. All of the Bible verses about think on these things, take every thought captive etc- he does not tell us that to say “be a good boy or girl” but rather- you reign with me with every emotion you feel, every thought you think,. Do it well!

      We did not need science to prove that prayer works, but it has- and we can use that to build our faith. If we understood that our prayers are contributions in our partnership with God, we would be much more invested in prayer. Every prayer contributes and makes a difference in the fabric of reality.

      This is exciting because we can partner with God. Dream with God. Use our thoughts and emotions that truly do effect reality for amazing change.

      Any time you imagine, you are not only rewire your neural connections, you are also pouring into reality, adding a line in the story. Our imagination is meant to be used purposefully, as a a means of contribution. Imagination feeds gifting, making plans, finding possibilities, and productivity in every area. I am an unavoidable player, every second.

      Remember, your imagination is an offering, not a demand. I chance to create with the creator- using your thoughts to reign with him.

      God is longing to eradicate evil all around us at all times, and our participation is required. We can partner with him with our thoughts, emotions, and visualizations to create, and change the world!

      In an effort to keep this understandable- we need to have a little “Quantum Physics 101” to show how truly incredible God designed our lives to be and what our faith is actually capable of doing.

      Simple definition of quantum physics: Paying attention, thinking, choosing, consequence- each thought you think and pay attention to has a consequence on your brain, body, and reality- for better or worse.

      The Observer Effect- Operating our of Heavens Realm

      We choose what we want to observe in the world (whether it has happened or not)- and our observations changes reality.

      • In the quantum world, there are only possibilities and probabilities. Things don’t work like you think they should. Nothing is there until you look. All that exists is only an infinite number of possibilities. (Remember Jesus said, “All things are possible to him that believes.” Mark 9:23)
      • Satan, the father of lies will come at you with a thousand negative probabilities, but you always have to remember that a probability has no power. It only becomes powerful when you believe the probability and collapse the probability into actuality.
      • In quantum mechanics, the observation of something changes it. This means that we affect everything around us just by observing it.
      • Basically, everything is a possibility, millions of particles all around, and they only become matter and reality at the point someone observes them at which point they appear as a thing.
      • Your mind truly does effect matter.
      • Your expectations and beliefs (or what you observe) is very important. If you observe and expect failure, sickness or disaster, that is exactly what will manifest. There are an infinite number of possibilities that exist for your life. You alone have the power to choose which possibility becomes reality in your life. Choose wisely.
      • The quantum physics model of reality tells us that mind and matter are not separate elements. In fact, subjective mind has a true effect on the external objective world. Your mindful observation of reality matters. An intentional mind literally conditions and organizes matter into the blue prints of personal destiny. Hence, if reality is an extension of mind and your reality is your life then you might reason that by changing your mind, you should produce some identifiable changes in your life.

      Faith Changes Matter

      • Faith is an unseen energy force. It is not matter, but it creates matter and actually becomes matter. Faith-energized words and thoughts converts energy to matter.
      • Words, thoughts, and emotions are the catalyst that turn the substance of faith into physical manifestation. Faith is the raw material from which all matter is made. Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” It is the invisible substance from which your physical world was and is created.
      • Faith observes that which “is not”, and gives it substance so that it may appear and become visible. The key to manifesting matter, is to interact with that which “is not” so that it becomes what you hope for.
      • How you interact with this quantum field of possibilities, the unseen realm from which all is created, determines what manifests in your life. We have been given an empty slate and Jesus said it is up to us what we choose to put on It (Mark 11:23-24).
      • God is not limited to the things that you and I see. There is an infinite supply of substance waiting to be manifest according to your beliefs and words!
      • I believe that he is just waiting for us to partner with Him to create an eternal kingdom where we will be forever!
      • We have the ability to make thought more real than anything else, and this changes things.


      • Words are energy and energy affects matter.
      • Jesus did not demonstrate this just to prove He was the Son of God. He demonstrated it and then told his disciples that they too can speak words of power. He wanted us to have the revelation that we are powerful spirit beings who can speak to the mountains in our life and they will obey us.
      • Things are responding to your words, thoughts, and emotions every day, so speak good things to all that surrounds your life. If you really believe Jesus’ words, you “will monitor your thoughts and conversations, because you are the one giving substance to your world through words!
      • Everything has a frequency of vibration. You vibrate, your car vibrates, and even the mountain behind your house vibrates. They all have a natural frequency. Go back to our example of the microwave heating your cup of water. How does it do that? The frequency vibration of microwaves is much higher than that of water. When those high frequency waves begin to bombard the water molecules, the electrons in the atoms are excited and move more and more rapidly (a higher vibration). The result is that the substance (water), becomes hotter. The electrons have jumped to a higher orbit changing the behavior of your water into boiling.
      • When you introduce. cold temperature to water, it slows down the Vibrations’ of the atomic structure to such a degree that the water becomes more solid and freezes.
      • All “things” respond to the vibration of energy. What kind of energy are you producing? Do you want your water boiling or frozen? Are you introducing faith-energized high frequency words to your children, finances, and health? Or do you introduce low frequency, negative words that freeze your circumstances into a continual series of crises?
      • You have a choice to use the energy of your words to change matter

      Everything is Energy- You Release Energy

      • Everything in the world is made up of energy.
      • Each individual’s thoughts, attitudes and emotions emit energetic fields, whether you know it or not. What you carry, you release- you are constantly sending out signals to the world.
      •  These individual field environments not only affect you, your health and perspective on life, they also can influence your relationships and experiences in your social field environments as you interact with people, or even if you are merely in the same room with other people.
      •  Coherence is a highly efficient state in which all of the body’s systems work together in harmony. Increasing personal coherence creates an alignment of mind, body, emotions and spirit through the power of the heart. Heart coherence serves as a facilitator, adding strength and effectiveness to your care, compassion, intentions and actions to help the world.
      • The electromagnetic field generated by the heart is the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by he body. Studies conducted in HMI’s laboratory have shown that the heart’s electromagnetic field can be detected by other individuals and can produce measurable effects in a person 5 feet away. Our data show that the heart’s electromagnetic field becomes more organized during prayer, worship, and positive emotional – heart-coherent – states.