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    • Grow Your Faith

      Faith means using our thoughts, emotions, and words in a powerful way. Knowing that each thought, word, and emotion is effecting particles all around us and making an impact on reality.

      This is where visualization comes in. Visualization/imagination is the creator of your faith. When you imagine- you are tapping into and creating “what is not seen” to make it seen. When praying for healing, for your future, for a loved one, visulizing it, feeling the emotion as if it happened, and speaking life truly does change and create matter on a quantum level.

      • What is the solution to things we want to believe but don’t and feeling how we want to feel but don’t? Visualization.
      • When you visualize, you are physically creating pathways in your brain as if you actually were doing it.
      • Studies show that the part of your brain that gets activated by thinking about an action is the same part of the brain that gets activated when you are actually doing the action.
      • So even if you do not BELIEVE something in yourself- you can still visulize it, and it begins to rewire your brain to make it true.
      • When praying, even if you do not fully believe what you are praying- but visulize it anyway- your thoughts do carry weight- the effect matter around you- they cannot not do anything.