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    • You are either running on autopilot, or creating your identity. Every morning, we need to wake up and remind ourselves of who we are.

      Live an Intentional Lifestyle

      • We also need to live an intentional daily lifestyle. After setting our intentions and goals, we then need to set up a daily practice to carry them out. Without intentionally making a plan, our goals, wishes, and desires soon fade away.
      • We can accomplish anything we desire, we just need to be intentional about setting things up each day to remind us and make it happen.

      Think, Eat, Move, Do

      • Although it may seem obvious- our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts and habits.
      • Do you have more good thoughts than negative? Do you have more good habits than bad?
      • Each day, we need to have focused, directed THINKING…..we need to be EATING¬†nutrient dense, life giving food…..we need to MOVE our bodies to get oxygen into our brain and create happy brain chemicals….and we need to DO small tasks each day that move us closer to our goals and the person we are meant to be.
      • Setting up systems each day that allow you to do all four is what sets you apart.