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  • Course Outline

    • The environment that you surround yourself with every singe day is constantly sending your brain signals on what is possible, how to act, and how to feel.

      Because your environment effects you so deeply, you might as well intentionally set up an environment that sends signals to your brain of: ‘growth’, ‘peace’, ‘no limits’, ‘inspiration’, and ‘eternal perspective’. You may be surprised how very powerful this can be.

      Action Step

      Everything that you are taking in through your 5 senses, make sure that is what you want to be. Your subconcious mind is taking in all of it (400 billion actions per second) and using that information of what it is taking in as signals to your cells, shaping your identity and behaviors.

      Today, set up your environment! Surround your five senses with things that you want to shape your identity, because it will. The people you surround yourself with, the things you read and scroll through, the sounds you listen to, and the things you watch. Everything is sending messages through your body that are shaping who you will become in the future. So who do you want to be? The possibilities are endless!


      • Screen saver and phone screen saver.
      • Work area- printing off pictures/sayings that inspire you.
      • Sleep area- ¬†printing off pictures/sayings that inspire you.
      • Writing mantras on your hands like “let it go”
      • Listening to a podcast that inspires you each day.
      • Meeting with people that inspire you.