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    • Habits 101

      Will Power:

      • Biggest determining factor in success- happiness – productivity
      • You only have a certain amount of will power per day- choices, social media, switching your attention constantly from one thing to the next- all drain it it. We intentionally make so many choices each day. The goal is to make as many things on autopilot in the brain so you have more brain power throughout the day.
      • This means that instead of intentionally having to think about eating healthy, working out, reading, etc- these can become automatic.
      • The more you have to think about, the more your will power goes down so by the end of the day- you will be exhausted- not making the best decisions
      • The goal is to create habits that so you do not have to use willpower.
      • Use your will power to create habits!
      • Put as many things on autopilot as possible by creating daily routines.

      Master Physiology Fundamentals First

      Pick Your Keystone Habit

      • Choose one habit that if you mastered it, it would have the biggest impact on your life. What is one thing you can do to change the most areas in your life.
      • What is one thing that you could probably stop doing that would significantly change your life. Stop that replace that with something else.

      What is your why

      • Why are you making the positive choices that you are making? – focus on that and you will be able to handle any hard times that come with making the change.
      • When you feel like giving up, return to your why.

      Do it daily

      • Needs to be done daily for a period of time

      Embrace the Process!

      • Taking on any new mindset or habit goes through 3 phases-
      • first 10 days seem unbearable, questioning your decision to take it on
      • next 10 days seem just uncomfortable
      • last ten days seem unstoppable- you begin to see the benefits.
      • ¬†Keep going despite feelings at the beginning, you truly are developing into an amazing person, carrying an amazing purpose only you can accomplish, even if it does not feel like it.

      Set Up Triggers

      • Without daily triggers, our well intended desires seem to dissapear in the midst of daily activities.
      • Set some kind of trigger that you will use throughout the day that reminds you of your goal and what you want to be focusing on.
      • Examples:
        • Set a timer on your phone that goes off 3x a day that reminds you to stop and remember your goal and what you are accomplishing.
        • Right when I wake up, before lunch, and before bed to make it easy to remember.
        • Every time you get in the car or walk through a door- remember your why.