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    • Set a Vision

      Setting intentions means clearly defining what you most value, what you are aiming to achieve, your character, and how you want to live this life.

      Holding a clear intention of what you want, but leave the “how” details to God. Let Him orchestrate an event in your life in a way that is just right for you. If you’re going to expect anything, expect the unexpected. Surrender, trust, and let go of how a desired event will unfold.  This is the biggest hurdle for most to overcome, because we human beings always want to control a future reality by trying to re-create how it occurred in a past reality.

      It is about waking up every day, and reminding yourself how you want to be and what you are letting go. Change means unlearning what you know and installing what you want instead.

      Your Mind Needs a Target- what to unlearn and what to learn.

      • A thriving life is determined by the extent you have a clear vision of your life and what you most value. Your body and subconscious mind sharply focuses your emotional energy to create thoughts, ideas, and actions that align with your vision. If you do not set that vision and target, you will be firing aimlessly though life
      • Your brain controls your body- and your MIND controls your brain. Where you mind goes, your body will follow.
      • You need a vision to energize your mind and body and focus the direction of change. You can achieve what you want when your body and mind align(thoughts + emotions)
      • Your energy flows where you have the most CLARITY. So we need to get clarity to take advantage of this God given energy he has given us.

      Who do you want to be?

      • “Our intention of who to be can rewrite our history. It is our dominant intentions for who we want to be, how we want to interact with people, and what we want to create and contribute to the world that form the real power of our mind. Imagine a burning building on fire. Some people might interpret danger and run, while someone else might have the intention to be a servant and hero and their intention overrides their interpretation of danger… so they run into the building to save people. It was their intention that overrode their immediate impulses” -brendon buchard
      • Whoever we say we are and what we focus on most, will come out when situations are tough.
      • Have you set your intentions of who you want to be, how you want to feel, what your purpose is, what you want to accomplish in life? If you have not set this, the worlds intentions for us take over, which are usually not the most life giving like  “to prove your worth to others” or “to stay safe and comfortable” – these could be driving you without you knowing it. .
      • Do you have a prayer or dream? Do you desperately want change in one area of your life? Then you can begin to think and feel like that it is already a reality, and allow God begin to rewire you brain to make that a reality.
      • Most people do not have goals or visions, so change or seeing dreams manifest do not happen.

      Priming Your Brain

      1. First we need to be clear on what we want, and write it down. Just this alone sets you apart from 90% of the population.
      2. Then keep these goals in front of you- read them and visualize them every day. This begins to rewire your brain.
      3. When we read/think about what we want to happen in life first thing in the morning, you are priming your brain to see and search for those things through the day.
      4. Daily priming is a must.