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    • The prefrontal cortex can be our best friend- if we learn how to strengthen it.

      The prefrontal cortex (PFC)

      • Is located in the very front of the brain, just behind the forehead.
      • In charge of emotional control, will power, problem solving, creativity, regulating behavior, compassion, and the ability to stay focused and be productive. I think we all want more of these things and the strengthening the PFC is the way to get it!
      •  The prefrontal cortex is the brain center responsible for taking in data through the body’s senses and deciding on actions.
      • Regulates thought in terms of decision making. When a stressful situation comes, it allows you to stay calm, think, and then respond instead of react without thinking.
      • Controls your ability to focus, which enables people to pay attention, learn, and concentrate on goals.

      How to Strengthen and Grow the PFC

      • Things like meditation, focused thinking, learning, reflection, prayer, and exercise all strengthen and grow the prefontal cortex.
      • The more we strengthen the PFC, the more we respond to situations instead of react impulsively. The more we choose love over fear. The more patience we have. The more we can stay focused and and productive. The more we have compassion for others, and the more we will be able to come up with creative decisions and see the whole picture of life.