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    • The beginning of the month (or once a month starting any time) is a magical time: a time for new beginnings, new possibilities, and new opportunities to experience a life beyond your imagination. It is a time to get clarity, direction, and focus- without that, we just float through life with little meaning or productivity. If we are going to accomplish our purpose- we need to set a target to keep our eyes on or we will be firing aimlessly month to month. With a clear target, we actually get excited for our days instead of just surviving them because we have exciting intentions that we are working towards that fill us with joy and passion.

      Your energy flows where you have the most CLARITY. So often we let ourselves be busy without actually being productive because we really do not have clarity on what we should be doing with our time.

      A thriving life is determined by the extent you have a clear vision of your life and what you most value. Your body and mind sharply focuses your energy to create thoughts, ideas, and actions that align with your vision. If you do not set that vision, your body is using energy in a distracted, uneasy way because it does not know where to direct it at.

      This sheet allows you to focus on what you are releasing, what you are gaining, who you truly are, who you want to be, and what you want to accomplish in your sight each day.

      This retrains your brain, and begins to create new neural pathways to direct you to fulfilling your unique purpose here on this earth. Simply looking at this page 3 times a day and focusing each day on creating the specific habits and mindsets you choose for the month will set you on a path of freedom and lasting change.

      When creating this page for yourself, ask the Holy Spirit what your purpose, goals, and intentions should be. Ask him who you are and the person you are created to be. Below is an example sheet

      You can get as complex or simple as you want with this. There are two versions of the sheet, feel free to start with the short version. It is great to use the same page for a whole year if you need to instead of a new one each month, you will know when you are ready to move on. Some mindsets and habit take longer than others- especially if you have been doing something a certain way for years- but be encouraged that anything can change!

      Clear focus and keeping the changes you want to make and God’s promises in front of you is EXTREMELY important. Make multiple copies of this sheet- keep one by your bed, one on your work desk, one in your purse- wherever you feel you will look at it most often.

      Your energy flows where you have the most CLARITY.

      Here is how it works

      Every Month:

      1. Choose 1 mindset you want to wire out, and 1 mindset you want to wire in
      2. Choose 1 habit you want to pick up, and 1 habit you want to stop doing.
      3. Focus on these every day for 1 month, if they are harder habits- do it for a couple of months until it becomes natural to you.

      You will fill out two sheets

      1. Is a longer sheet that outlines your vision for your health, relationships, work, habits, and spiritual life.
      2. The second sheet is just of the monthly habits you are choosing to pick up and release.