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  • Course Outline

    • I am so happy and grateful that. . .

      I Release:

      Mindset: Worry

      Action: checking social media first thing in the morning.

      I am:
      Mindset Habit: Positive. I see the good in myself, others, and my life.
      Action Habit: I walk at least 30 minutes a day.

      Personal Intention
      Relationship with God: I am an open vessel for God to work through at any time.

      Relationship with others:
      Health : My body is getting healthier and more balanced resilient every single day. My eyes and skin are clear and glowing.
      I am and I feel: I feel passionate joyful and energized every single day. I am fun, beautiful, confident, and peaceful. I release beauty, happiness, peace, breakthrough, and love to those around me.

      Creative Intention
      Purpose: I inspire and help millions seek after God, live to their fullest, and live with health in all areas in their life.
      Create: I am a best selling author, course creator, and speaker.
      Life/Goal: Everything I lay my hand to prospers and succeeds-. I have my favorite health companies sponsoring me, I am connected with Caroline Leaf, and the Paleo fx crowd.